Seven Effective Tips for Dealing With Stress

By Darla Dawald Published 04/5/2006 | Self Improvement
There are numerous things in life that contribute to our stress level. Some things can be controlled while others are simply put...out of our control. Either way it's not the stress that causes an issue it is our reaction to the stress.

How can I change my reaction you might ask? There are simple answers however implementing them is not always easy. First of all determine what is within your control. For example are you stressed because you have over-extended yourself? Can you simply get out of some of the activities you have taken on? Do you constantly volunteer then wish you hadn't?

At one point in my life I was involved in several clubs, commitees, and I worked about 60 hours a week. I was completely stressed out because I didn't have enough time in the day to accomplish all I wanted to and had obligated myself too.

Then evaluate and identify the uncontrollable issues like a boss that you don't see eye to eye with. Frankly the boss probably isn't going to go away so you have to do something on your side to work thru this stress. Maybe your spouses job makes them unavailable to help in the home or with children. Whatever the stress is...identify it.

Make a list and note all stressors separated by uncontollable and controllable stress. Then begin devising a plan to make change in your life. You may want to back up and drop a few activities. You may need to develop a plan to deal with uncontrollable stressors.

Some great things I have found to relieve stress are as follows:Tip#1: Deep Breathing Exercises

At least 10 breaths in and out. You hold that deep breath as long as you can then exhale...slowly til all breath is gone. Do this in the morning...right before or during a stressful moment.

Tip#2: Take a Hot Bath

Now I realize some men are opposed to a bath vs. a shower however, a bath is more relaxing. Dim the lights, light a candle. Put some nice fragrance in the water.

Tip#3: Exercise!

Exercise is a great stress reliever. Go for a walk, play a game of racketball or tennis. get on the treadmill or bike. Whatever it is do something physical (sex included).

Tip#4: Positive Reinforcement

Thinking positive thoughts, saying them outloud, surrounding yourself with a positive environment...nice pictures, flowers, things you like and colors that are soothing...pastels are best.

Tip#5: Eat properly

A high fat, high carb diet is only going to exerbate your problems. Eat a diet high in veggies, grains, and protein. mental foods!

Tip#6: Rejuvenate Yourself

Take time out once a day or week that is just your time to do what you want. Go to a movie, play golf, read, practice your instrument, etc.... Your special time for rejuvenating.

Tip#7: Get enough sleep!

Sleep depravation is one of the worst things we can do to our bodies. The best time for your body to rejuvenate is betwenn 11pm and 2am so if you go to bed at midnight you are missing some rejuvenating time. Also at the minimum six hours is needed to feel rested. And oversleeping is not depletes our energy.

Hope there is something beneficial that you have learned from this article. Remember to take care of you!

Warm Regards,
Darla G. Dawald

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