The Many Advantages Of Digital Photography

By Brown Articles Published 04/11/2010 | Hobbies

Digital cameras are a definite improvement in the quality of photographs today as well as being simple and practical to use. Another great advantage is that if one shot has not come out just as you wished, you can see it right away on the LCD screen and simply erase it without any added cost or waste.

Nonetheless, even with all these major improvements we are not always happy with the results; yet it does not take much for photos to turn out better.

Photographing when using flashes often turn light-eyed peoples eyes red. The way to avoid this is to try and use as much natural light as possible as well as a maximum lens aperture. Although you can find programmes that correct red eyes, none will replace a well-taken photo.

When taking photographs of people or children in motion with a digital camera, it is important to press the shutter button only halfway down to warn the camera you are ready, and only when you are sure, press the button right down; you will find that the shutter lens closes more rapidly, this will avoid blurred photos.

The distance of the flash range must also be respected. If you use your flash on subjects that are out of the flashs range, all you will achieve are dark images, for they are outside the flashs perimeter.

You will noticed that in a lot of photos taken of children they are always looking up into the camera, this is because the photographer is often taller than they are. To avoid this either kneel down while taking the photograph or get to the subjects eye-height.

The distance between you and the person you are going to photograph is also important. Although cameras have an automatic adjustment and zooms, it is better, especially for the lens light regulation, to choose a distance were all the details will come out clearly on the snapshot.