I Got A Contract Job, Should I Opt For It?

By Michelle L Published 04/11/2010 | Careers

Very often one is faced with this question: should I accept contract work? Well, the answer lies in the confirmed reports of the Career Xroads, an employment strategy consultancy. Now based on their recent studies, almost 50% of the hired are internal and one of the way to become and internal is to accept a contract position. Thus, “Yes!” is definitely the answer to the initial question.

The obvious benefits of being in a contract job include earning a steady income and getting the opportunities to learn new skills that enable you to effectively make use of brain power.  

Information Technology sector is a great example where more and more contract driven workers are lured into it since contract works often offers an attractive salary for those who are experts in their respective fields. On the other hand, for the transitioner, the main draw is not the hefty paychecks but the work experience that they will obtain since they are more eager to develop new skills

Today, employers have a lot of advantages due to the large scale unemployment in many sectors. Contract employees have become an effective way to ensure that they have people working in the business for them for a long period of time. What you will benefit is that you will be getting a fixed income every month and maybe bonus and promotion too if you do your work well. In addition to these, you will also be eligible for personal leave, maternity leave and health insurance.


Contract offers need to be properly assessed and evaluated since not all contract offers would be advisable from a career management point of view. An overall evaluation will help you know whether it will be possible for you to leave the company if you have found a better job.  

Some employers understand that you will continue the job hunt after the accepting their contract, and so with a proper notice to them one take leave for a day to attend the necessary interview. Most of the contracts will commit you o work for the company for a short period of time (mostly between 6 to 12 months) and only few people will be selected for a permanent job after this period is finished. However, smart contract employees will make sure that their efficiency and skills are noticed by the employer with the hope that they will be asked to become a permanent employee of the company.