Should You Buy A Windows Laptop Or A Macintosh Powerbook

By Michelle L Published 04/11/2010 | Computer

Are you thinking about replacing your existing laptop? Or are you thinking about buying your very first laptop?

You must be wondering whether you should get Windows laptop or a Macintosh Powerbook. Given below are some of the features of these two kinds of laptops that you can read so that they can help you decide which one you should opt for.

There are different kinds of options in the Windows laptops, some are high-end where as some are ultra light. You will find that the high-end laptops are available in different sizes. The size of the screen can range from 10 inches to more than 17 inches. Windows laptops can offer you faster processors and they also have CD and DVD drives. As such, you can watch movies and listen to your music any time you want and anywhere you want. If you have a limited budget but you would like to buy a laptop for work purpose, you can consider buying a moderately priced laptop. In this type of laptops, the processor is not very fast but it is not very slow either. Ultimately, there are ultra light laptops that have plenty of advantages and they are also costlier. The ultra light laptops weigh very less, generally not more than 5 lbs. The display is quite small but you can easily take it from one location to another with great ease because they are portable.

Mac Powerbook has been created by Apple and most people who buy this kind of laptop are those who need it for educational or work-related purpose. If you go to a computer lab in any college, you will find that Mac is their preferred choice.  Just like Windows Laptops, Powerbook also has screen of various sizes from 10-inch to 17+ inch displays. Powerbooks have a feature that you will not find in Windows laptops and this is Magsafe, which is a magnetic energy connector. 

After reading this article, I hope you will be able to decide which laptop will be good for you. Good luck with your shopping!