Writing a compelling Title: How Can You Come Up With One?

By Michelle L Published 04/17/2010 | Copywriting

In the world of internet marketing, getting clicks is the hardest part!

If the most important reason that affects the number of clicks you get is article marketing, then there’s one thing you absolutely have to make sure of, that you are using your article to the fullest, trying to get as many traffic as you possibly can. If not, it’s just useless and a waste of time.

In this piece of writing we are going to talk about a very important part of the article. In fact, it is the most important part of the article. Take a guess at what I am talking about. Yes! We are going to talk about the title of an article today, the understated yet absolutely vital sentence in your entire article.

Suppose you spend a lot of time on learning how to master the art of copywriting and you succeed at it. Imagine you are getting cent percent click through rate, but all that is totally useless if in the first place your title is not powerful enough to attract the reader’s attention and curiosity. Think about it, it is true isn’t it? It’s just like reading a newspaper which is filled with interesting and informative articles, but we only read the ones that catch our attention, i.e. the ones that have an interesting headline right?

So, the question that’s probably in your head right now is: How do I create a powerful title?

Let me share some of the tips and tricks of the business that will ensure those clicks keep pouring in:

#1 – Your title must have a call to action. Easier than it sounds, it does not require a heavily stocked vocabulary! Simply use words that denote action like “find out”, “learn” and “discover”. These words help the reader to relate to the topic and let them know what they should do. Strange as it may sound, but according to a recent survey, people actually like being told what to do rather than taking a guess at it themselves.

#2 – Your language is the most important tool! Make it a powerful one so that it can instantly attract people’s interest, that way the clicks will follow on its own. A bland, boring title hardly gets any attention such as “Learn how to sew”. “Learn the speediest undisputed technique of sewing ever! 3 uncomplicated tips ONLY!”. Obviously the latter has an instant appeal to it, right? Just like how you clicked on this article after reading the title!

#3 – Keyword! That’s the key to make people aware of what is going to be in the article. If they click on the title containing keyword, chances are that they would be interested in what’s in store for them, i.e. the offer, product or service because they have a good idea about the product in question, just by reading the keyword!

That’s it! You must be wondering there are 101 tips to keep in mind, but believe it or not, these 3 easy and convenient to follow tips are more than enough to help you while developing a convincing, strong and powerful title! Good Luck!