Detailed Copywriting Can Attract Online Buyers

By Michelle L Published 04/17/2010 | Copywriting

Believe it or not, it is true! We all know what effects advertising and presentation can have on the patronage of a brick and mortar shop. Likewise, it is the same for internet business in spite of the achievement being different at times.

It is a well known fact that a bad, unsatisfactory online experience can drive away the potential customers, no matter how good the company is. A poorly maintained website reflects poorly on a business, so that’s why a good website has to be maintained. The online experience has direct effect on a new company or even the existing ones looking to expand. Needless to say, copywriting and advertising are important part of the company because these efforts will help in increasing the company’s sales.

When a visitor log on to a site, he wants to find everything that he wants to know there. The website ought to have interesting material for attracting the attention of the visitor and keeping hold of the attention. Of course, whatever is written on the site is of prime importance. This is absolutely true especially online because the products are not tangible. It can be experienced only through pictures so that is why it is mandatory that the words should describe the product good enough for the readers to know what is being offered by simply reading the details. Although it may seem like a daunting work, it actually is easier if it is done with a few rules kept in mind


Describe Everything

A thesaurus acts as a friend, philosopher and guide in such cases when correct set of words are so important. A thesaurus does the magic of transforming basic average words a remarkable or a specific word does the job clearly and cleanly.

Let us take the example of describing an ice-cream. Here  'tastes good', 'cold', 'refreshing' are the first few words that may come to mind, but they are only mediocre which results in something boring like Our ice cream is good, cold and refreshing' which no doubt would not draw a lot of attention.

Keep Hold of the Reader's Attention

Here the popular saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” doesn’t really apply because the consumers cannot take a look at the merchandise as they do in a store. The copy should contain everything that the customer needs to know. Moreover, it should entice the reader to want to buy just as much as they would if they inspect the goods physically.

The picture of a tee shirt might be attractive, only when the print on it is appealing. It fails to describe important details like the smoothness and softness of the fabric, how it would feel putting it on. Hence pictures are not as helpful as copy.

You should concentrate on writing about the good features of the product like its feel, smell, the taste and sound of it, even the look of it. That’s what a great copy can deliver. Pictures does not do the work entirely, copywriting aids the buyers to take decisions regarding what to buy. Right copy unquestionably leads to a substantial rise in sales.