Rules To Follow When It Comes To Copywriting

By Michelle L Published 04/17/2010 | Copywriting

Copywriting can be defined as the skilled and expert use of words to promote an idea, business, person or opinion.

Excellent copywriting should be written in such a way so as to engross, entertain and gain the attention and interest of the reader, hence that person’s trust. Irrespective of whom or what the copywriter is trying to promote, copywriting should always be entirely focused on the readers, their wants and make them feel good. It should be able to convince the readers the reasons why they should opt for a product or service over the other products. Copywriting is almost like the job of an efficient salesman in this aspect.

Great copywriting identifies the hopes, frustrations, difficulties that the relevant audience faces and then sets about finding the solution by answering their needs and wants one at a time.

Copywriting is easier said than done, because in order to write efficiently and successfully, copywriting adopts an array of techniques and methods to get hold of, reinforce and retain the attention of the readers. It does not beat around the bush and is straight to the point so that it can attract the attention of the reader.

The following are 8 indispensable and crucial rules of copywriting:

  • Know your offer and, as far as possible, make it one that is powerful enough to attract the reader. What are you suggesting to the audience? Why? What are the key messages?
  • Know your audience. Have a good and firm idea about who you are communicating with. Think from their perspective and according to their likes, dislikes, worries and what gets them excited.
  • Know how you will structure your story or argument – once again be brief and straight to the point, make notes or reminders if you must.
  • Devise a creative 'hook' which means a theme or concept that will transmit your messages. For instance, if its adventure fashion you are writing about, freedom is the way to go! Use it as your theme or the ‘hook’ that would carry your message efficiently to your audience.
  • Choose your words carefully – Selection of words play a vital role in copywriting.    Good copyrights use easy and fluent language that is instantly recognizable by layman, use words that have clear meanings. Superfluous, bombastic words are a big no-no. Be sure to check words, phrases or anything that has possible connotations you want to avoid.
  • Stick to the point. No need to go on and on about the topic, simply keep in mind what you want to say and don’t be afraid to repeat them. Repetitive words stay in the reader’s mind at the end of the day and hence it helps them realize the copyright’s importance.
  • It cannot be stressed enough how the use of brief sentences with active verbs and simple structures is a huge help and time-saver. As far as possible, write as if you were speaking to the readers in person. That always leaves a lasting impression! And we know how important giving the right impression is when it comes to copywriting!