What Should You Do When You Go On A Blind Date?

By Michelle L Published 04/17/2010 | Dating

Having good friends are always great. You can hug them when you are feeling blue, they come visit you when you are sick, when you are sad they try to cheer you up, and when youíre lonely they set you up! Now as sweet-sounding and thoughtful as it is, itís really nerve-wrecking for some people when they are being set up by their friends! And for that, here are a few tips and tricks that would be a perfect help when you are being set up by your friends:

* Be thankful, but you can also politely decline it if you really donít have the intention to go on a blind date. If youíre not willing, then donít go for it, it only spoils the other personís date if he/she is really keen about it. When it comes to blind date, do it ONLY for yourself. Donít do it to please others!

* Enjoy, have a blast! Donít go in expecting a soul mate and things like that and you can actually have fun with it! Not all dates need to end up in love. You might happen to discover a good confidant, a good business partner or he may have someone who is perfect for you and he could be the matchmaker! This tip helps keep you out of any awkward sticky situation, it really works!

* Propose group dating or double dating, not only is it fun, but it also indirectly takes away all those stress about going out with a person youíve never met before. Double dates are very wise decision when it comes to blind date.

* Never offer someone else to your partner if you realize that nothing really can happen between you two. Do not suggest people he/she can go out with. Although, you might do it with the most genuine intention, it only comes across as insulting for the other person.

* Irrespective of the results, always be grateful and thank your friend for being so considerate as to set you up. Now, obviously it is easier to thank if things turn out great, but even if it turns out to be the worst date of your life, you should still try to appreciate your friendís effort.

I hope these tips can help you sail smoothly across any awkward situation the next time you embark on a dating trip when your friend sets you up with someone!