How Bellybuttons Can Determine Women's Fertility

By Brown Articles Published 04/24/2010 | Parenting

Aki Sinkkonen, a Finnish professor from the University of Helsinki claims that navels, or umbilical scars are indicators of the level of reproductive capacity in fertile women.

Although bellybuttons are regarded as a purely aesthetic symbol in women, they are basically what is left of the umbilical cord when it is cut after the babies birth. The cord is essential to the foetus, providing the necessary nutrients and oxygen transmitted by the mother; at birth it is cut and tied, and will later form the navel.

Mr. Sinkkonen goes on to argue that the we may be able to determine the reproductive level of women as well as any medical problems, or even detect the risk of certain abnormalities that can be genetically transmitted to the foetus by the mother. He is persuaded that the navel shows us the general health of the mother and the foetus.

Should his research work confirm this hypothesis, the testing of umbilical scars could significantly help to determine and treat possible health and deficiency problems in foetuses and pregnancies that are at risk.