Search Engine Optimization For Your Ecommerce Site

By Michelle L Published 04/24/2010 | ECommerce

What comes to your mind when thinking about optimizing your Ecommerce site? Using better product names, descriptions, rewriting URLs, not permitting indexing issues or session IDs? Then you are one of those people who completely ignore the most crucial thing in your Ecommerce site – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

First of all, you’ve put in a lot of effort to attract visitors to your site, then why let that effort go to waste? You should make things easier for these potential customers by providing ensuring that your site is search engine friendly so that they can find your website when they are looking for information or products/services.

Sites like ranks very high in the major search engines. This should be your goal – a search engine-friendly website, so that the visitors do not go to another website when they are looking for something that you are selling.

Your site should have the search facility so that when your visitors come to your site and look for products, they can easily find that they are looking for by using the ‘search’ option.

Ecommerce SEO also concerns internal site searches and processes which provide the most relevant listings. You can hit the nail on the head by combining search usability and Ecommerce SEO because your search rankings are potential landing pages. 

When using PPC (pay per click), never advertise an out of stock listing. Same rule applies for organic SEO. This is because the URL (uniform resource locator) with the top ranking should not be linked with a product without any buyers; instead it must be a URL with the highest ranking product and most popular ones! Also, creating a new URL for the original products is a good idea.

There are many ways to go about when doing this and chances are, if you choose the right ways, your organic traffic would be diverted to higher priced product thus increasing your sales volume!

Overall, you should think by stepping into the visitor’s shoes. Your organic traffic would be effective and high only when your website is reliable and landing pages is good. Think about it, doesn’t that make sense? Then what are you waiting for? Improvise your SEO today!