Direct Mail Marketing For Your Restaurant

By Michelle L Published 04/24/2010 | Direct Mail

Want to grow your restaurant business? Try Direct Mail Marketing! It is a marketing technique like no other.

If you choose newspapers, radio or television as your marketing medium then chances are, your potential customers might miss it, but if you directly mail your advertisement to the intended customer, at least you can rest assured that it is going to reach them. Choose your target in a variety of ways: By neighborhood (geographically), by age, income, ethnicity (demographically) or use a combination of both the methods.

With direct mail marketing, you have the liberty of controlling your budget, either through how many papers you want to send out or your mailing frequency.

A few other merits are:

    * It's personal, concerns only you and your prospect.

    * It's not public. In other forms of marketing, your competitors can get hold of your special offers or coupons through newspapers, etc. There are no such chances in direct mail marketing.

    * It's limited to one mail per household, so unscrupulous customers cannot misuse special offers. For instance, the customers can avail multiple coupons if the prospect buys more than one newspaper but you do not have to worry about this when you opt for direct mail marketing.

    * It is easier to obtain response.

    * You can find out your best market area by comparing the results neighborhood-wise.

Now you must be wondering: if this form of marketing is so effective then why arenít all the restaurants doing it?

True, direct mail plays a vital role in your businessí growth, but itís not just about devising a menu or printing a few coupons for handing out. Itís a task that takes effort. To benefit from it takes even more effort as it is quite complicated. Hence, it is advised to read blogs or online articles (such as this) and gain some insight into what makes this process work. There are plenty of mailing lists, direct mail strategies, tips on designing your flyers. You just have to explore, discover and soak in the knowledge!

This marketing strategy does work, but you need to be determined enough to stick with it otherwise you are simply wasting time and money. With time and experience, this unknown territory will become more familiar to you and you will be able to predict the results. When that happens, you can expand your efforts and earn more with the help of direct mail advertising.