Direct Mail Marketing Returns: It’s Time To Start Using This Method

By Michelle L Published 04/24/2010 | Direct Mail

The growing belief that direct mail marketing is no longer practiced in the world of successful and popular Internet marketing is not necessarily true. Many people are still against this belief and there is a good reason for this.

Back in 2004, I began my marketing experiences with B-to-B marketing which was very different as compared to my current challenges. In those times, there was nothing about Internet marketing or even email campaigns for that matter, and definitely no talk about search engine optimization or social media. It was all about direct mail!

So did a lot of changes really take place in the time span of these six years?

With evolving marketing policies and tactics, I carried out a bit of research. What struck me when I was researching the topic was that there were mix reactions and opinions about direct mail marketing (a.k.a old school marketing) as opposed to email marketing. Some feel that it is useless while others are under the impression that there’s still a place for direct marketing in today’s world.

I know the power of print media because I have seen the results myself when I was working for a company which manufactures three-dimensional marketing products either for business purpose or for household purpose. But these days, no one would share this belief because we live in the age of computers.

Arguments against direct mail – common arguments:

• Too costly in comparison to the reasonably affordable email marketing

• It is so old school, social networking sites are in!

• It has a negative impact on the environment.

Yes it is true that the discarded direct mails lying around here and there are a source of pollution to the environment, and “going green” with internet marketing is huge at the moment. Due to recessions and other economic downturns, a lot of companies have cut down their marketing budget and have replaced direct mail marketing with internet marketing.

Are you taking the right decision by investing your money in direct mail marketing? According to some, you’re not!

Over the years, it has been proven that email marketing does not generate greater ROI than direct mail. Executive director of Harhut for Hire, Nancy Harhut believes that direct marketing may have its comeback soon. It is apparent that the emails being sent are losing its efficiency, and absence does make the heart grows fonder here. Direct mails, which was considered old previously, is once again brand new!