How Can I Make My Direct Mail Campaign A Success?

By Michelle L Published 04/24/2010 | Direct Mail

Direct Mail was once popular method of marketing where letters are directly sent through post to potential customers. Sadly, this art is dying. A lot of business owners are now sending emails instead of letters. Why blame them? Emails are much cheaper, quicker and easier, so why not use it?

Only a few business owners remain still use the traditional, effective way of marketing thinking that since the competitors are using email, they should be different and send letters. After all, the recipients may actually read the mails that are sent to their homes.  

Mailing to smaller list continuously is any day better than mailing a bigger list only once. The prospect must be mailed at least a minimum of three times a year and you do need to make certain assumptions and anticipations such as 1% response rate for new customers and 2% for existing customers. Do not aim too high! Put your campaign to a trial test for at least six months and monitor the results carefully. Calculate your cost price for each mail by adding together all the expenses incurred on it, such as cost of paper, ink, stamp, reply card, etc. Go for say 50 weeks a year for your campaign, leave out at least 2 weeks where customers wonít be interested in mailing back. This however depends on your business cycle, so choose accordingly.

How do you make sure that your potential prospects read your mails and take action?

Simple, just think from your customerís point of view and then write out the mails. Think about their problems, frustrations or issues about your products/services, empathize with them and give them reasons why they should buy from you instead of the others out there in the market. Itís a cut-throat competition and you need to be a step ahead of your competitors and win your prospectsí trust and confidence.

Now that you have got that, you should try creating your first draft. Write it as if you are talking to your customer.

Direct mail was always a profitable marketing tool in the marketing arsenal. It is suitable for all enterprises, whether itís a small one or a Blue Chip one. Opting for direct mailing helps you in many ways like creating brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Plan, budget and research Ė The three golden words in the marketing world.

2. Get a good quality mailing list Ė Itís important to have a high quality mailing list if you want to achieve your marketing objectives.

 3. Use incentives Ė Another thing to keep in mind, you can be sure of receiving responses when you include some sort of enticing special discounts, prizes, coupons, etc.