Should I Opt For Email Marketing Or Direct Mail Marketing?

By Michelle L Published 04/24/2010 | Direct Mail

These days email marketing seems to be the best way to promote your product because it is cheaper than direct marketing. However, direct mail marketing is the way to go if you want to increase your sales because direct mail marketing reaches out to far more people and they actually read the advertisement.

Business enterprises, mainly small ones, which opt for total electronic marketing campaign, are losing a lot of potential customers. As we all know, reading books is better than reading e-books, so in the same way, printed materials are far more easy to read and therefore, chances are, they will actually be read. People tend to ignore e-mail marketing and hence a lot of times, these end up in junk or spam filters, sometimes even deleted before even reading! Now, direct mail advertisements also have chances of being discarded, but not discarded before even opening, at least a part of it will be read, if not full!

You might not be able to grasp as many potential customers as you can if you totally rely on complete electronic campaign. It is true that almost everyone these days have access to the internet and email accounts, but it is also true that they are most likely to ignore your advertisements or read them only if there are of any use to them. Formulating a successful and efficient email marketing campaign consumes a lot of time and is also tricky due to a huge amount of laws and regulations one has to abide by. Also, you have to come up with the best, appropriate ad most eye-catching subject lines of emails and also the body of the mail so that you can get hold of the recipientsí interest and keep it intact.

If your campaign lacks the appealing quality, then you are most likely to find the recipients unsubscribing from your advertisement, or ignoring them or even deleting them. You sure donít want all the hard work to go to waste without the recipient even opening them right?

A sure shot way of reaching as much potential customers as possible is direct mail marketing. Your physical, tangible marketing items are more likely to attract their attention rather than an electronic one. Also, email lists are very difficult to maintain, because a lot of people change their email addresses regularly, some even providing fictitious ones! However, there are less chances of people moving out of their houses, so you can be sure that at least they will receive your advertisement, if not read entirely! Hence, direct mail marketing reaches more recipients than email campaign. If at all the recipient moves, the mail will eventually be forwarded to their new address, this way you can be sure that the marketing material will reach the intended recipients.