Things You Should Know About Before Sending Direct Mails

By Michelle L Published 04/24/2010 | Direct Mail

Direct Mail, a word most marketers and businessmen are familiar with, is one of the most useful items in the marketing inventory. It can generate one of the highest returns on time and money. But before you send those mails out, here are a few things you should keep in mind to get the most out of your direct mail efforts:

Do Target Your Mailings. And be very specific. It works only when the title, copy and offers are appealing enough that people would be tempted to acquire it. When creating compelling messages, broad targets are a big no-no. You can get what you want with small subgroups because of its unique needs, which allows you to understand them better. So in order to get big results, opt for small targets!

Do not restrict Direct Mails only to the use of postcards. Try handing out letters or flyers; they are more informative and understandable. Short and sweet is not what we are going for here, and donít forget to thrown in a PS in all your pieces because itís the most read copy in any direct mail.

Include an Incentive or Offer. People should have a reason to call, visit a website or even drop in your store location. You do not have to be over the top when it comes to offer, just be practical and make it compelling enough to your customers. Samples, money-back guarantee, coupons, special deals, savings, free trial, guaranteed after-sale service, unique rewards, free helpline, all these attracts a lot of potential customers. Just keep in mind that it should include an expiration date so that the customers can act fast!

Do Include a Compelling Headline. This is one of the most important points! If you fail to grab the attention of the readers in the initial stage itself, then itís a pointless waste of both your time and your customerís. The headline should Ďpop-outí to them. One more thing, your company name does NOT make a good headline!


Don't Gloss Over the Copy. Another important point, your direct mail copy should be powerful with highlighted advantages. Use short paragraphs or bullets to convey your message. Huge chunky letters are boring and do not work at all. Sub-headlines work wonders with longer copies. Write as if you are conversing with your customers yourself! Ask questions to find out their problems and show them how you can solve it. DO NOT use bombastic and confusing words; a simple, flowing language is always the best!

Do Have a Call to Action. Customers like being told what to do, as strange as it may sound. Be clear about what you want them to do and donít beat around the bush! If calls are what you are going for, let them know! You may do it either at the start, middle or end of the mail, whichever one makes the most impact.