Lady Gaga Born With The Silver Spoon Of Success

By Brown Articles Published 05/7/2010 | Music

Right from her tender age, this multi-talented singer with a flair for exhibition, would pass her time singing along to the 80s hits on her plastic tape recorder,  or dance about her room stark naked.

She never had one doubt that her future lay on the scene; the only uncertainty was whether she should go up there as an actress or singer.  Music eventually prevailed, so she launched into learning the piano and taking singing lessons to prepare for her future triumph as early as the age of four.

By fourteen, Lady Gaga is already on stage singing in New York Café concerts, thrusting her personality and talent upfront on the music and dance scene. Her talent and determination pay her an early entry ticket, at only seventeen to the New York Universitys Tish School of Arts. Here she will learn all about composing music and the arts, religion and socio political order.

At this stage, Lady Gaga enters a rebellious phase, withdrawing from her family and quitting university before graduation. She plunges into the pits of drugs and hangs about with drag queens and go- go dancers at dive bars in the Lower East Side.  She claims this served as experience, which would eventually pay back for future success, and it did.

Even before she started singing her own songs Lady Gaga was already composing music for the Pussycat Dolls at the early age of twenty, and was under contract with Interscope. Finally, Akon realized to what extent Lady Gagas talent was potentially valuable and signed her to his label Kon Live Distribution.

Her debut album The Fame was finally released in 2008, and the single Just Dance was an enormous success selling more than 419,000 downloads in just one week. The hit was also nominated for a Grammy Award and became the third best digital song of all ages in the U.S.

Her shocking fashion attire, with her favorite hot pants and theatrical make up, has also contributed to her success on the stage. She symbolizes all that is forbidden, outrageous and daring and her songs are inspired from this world of excess.

When asked how she came up with Lady Gaga, she admits that music producer Rob Fusari found her vocal style closely akin to that of Freddie Mercury. Hence, she took on the artist name Lady Gaga from the queens hit Radio Ga Ga.

After having been mistaken several times for singer Amy Winehouse, she decided to change her brunette look and dyed her hair blonde to avoid any doubt. The artists that have inspired her music appear to have left sheen of their own style on the artist, which may be hard to dissipate.

Lady Gag admits that her music is greatly influenced by Queen, Michael Jackson and Madonna but she blatantly declares that she is capable of creating music that is a perfect blend of all these great artists, thus producing some unforgettable masterpieces that will go down in the history of music.