More Jobs Will Be Created Through Carbon Capture Storage

By Michelle L Published 05/7/2010 | Environment

Ed Miliband has revealed the plan to push the development of unproven technology for the coal-fired power stations of the next generation.                                                                                    

 Today, the government of the UK claimed that the country’s CCS sector shall be able to create one hundred thousand jobs by the year 2030. This means that up to £6.5 billion can be generated this way every year!

Ed Miliband, the secretary of energy and climate change, referred to the unveiling of a new strategy to promote the growth of CCS as a massive industrial growth opportunity.

Also, Humber and Yorkshire had been selected as the UK’s first low-carbon economic area for CCS by the government because these regions combine the country’s largest bunch of industrial emitters of CO2 as well as academic knowledge and the closeness to sites that has the chances of becoming storage sites.

Miliband also said that Yorkshire and Humber could benefit from the jobs and investments which the expansion in the CO2 storage would bring.

He said that the CCS presented a massive growth opportunity for the UK and that they had a strong, skilled and established workforce in the exact sectors. He also mentioned that Europe has some of the best potential storage sites under the North Sea.

Last week, two power companies were awarded with funding for developing designs for CCS technology power plants and the launching of the strategy took place after that.

Both Scottish Power and E.ON are competing with one another in order to win government backing for building the country’s first CCS power plant (coal-fired). The place for building this plant has, however, not been decided.

It could be either in Kent, Kingsnorth, Clackmannanshire, Longannet or Scotland. The amount for this funding has not been announced yet, but it would be taken from a £90m pot and would be able to sustain the project for the next year.

The government will then announce the winner of the competition after all that. The climate activists are anticipating that a planned coal station in Ayrshire would become the new Kingsnorth if things continue the same way.

The DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) announced that four coal-fired power stations representing CCS commercial-scale will be demonstrated on a part of the plant, which includes the winner of the competition. This would be funded by energy companies by a fossil fuel levy.

It was also promised by the government that unless the new coal-fired power stations have the technology that can reduce emissions by about 90%, they will not get the green signals.

However, the climate campaigners are worried because only a part of the plant will have that technology and the rest will continue to pollute the environment.