How To Lead a Healthy Life With Simple Ayurveda Techniques

By Brown Articles Published 05/15/2010 | Alternative Medicine

This approach to life actually finds its roots in antique beliefs, which considered this technique to have a divine origin. This holistic science not only cures various chronic disorders, by using natural herbal remedies, it is a way of life that enhances a peaceful and balanced style of living for an overall well-being of the mind and body.

Ayurveda therapy begins by tackling the negative daily habits, which can cause problems to our mental and physical health. Many of our troubles are related to an imbalance in the way we live. Often, it is our daily habits that are causing those disorders we are trying to get rid of, and we do not even realize it. Keeping to a few regular and healthy routines will considerably change the way you are feeling and help rid you of those annoying complaints that disrupt your mood and physical stamina.

As soon as you wake up, rinse your face and mouth, making sure you keep your eyes open, so they too, take advantage of this rinsing process.

Prepare your breakfast carefully and make sure you include fresh and nutritious food types. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so do not rush it and store energy for the day to come.

Before you leave for your working day, try to evacuate your bowels, for this will ensure a proper functioning of the body and avoid stagnation of bacteria, which favors disease. When you brush your teeth after breakfast, remember to scrape your tongue as well. You can drink a glass of warm water; this will help evacuate the toxins your body has accumulated during the night.

If you have time in the morning, exercise for at least thirty minutes. A brisk walk is enough, the important issue is to exercise regularly, be it in the morning or evening. Ideally, you should massage your body with natural oils, to stimulate the blood flow and provide positive energy for the day. However, you can massage in the evening after your daily bath or shower, in order to relax and get rid of your dead skin cells, this will stimulate cell reproduction.

Choose comfortable clothing for going out and change in to a comfortable set of clothes when you get back from work. If you like wearing perfumes, prefer natural fragrances or oils, these will allow your skin to breathe and these are less overpowering.

When you are at work, give your full concentration to the task you are carrying out, but allow yourself frequent breaks. You will find your quality and amount of work will benefit from this approach. Drink regularly at work, be it water or natural fruit juices and allow yourself a walk out in the fresh air during lunch break. Ideally lunch should be taken from midday to 2.00 pm, which is the favorable period for digestion. As always, take your time when eating and enjoy this break by savoring the food and chewing it properly.

When you leave the office, leave work-related problems there too. Never take work issues back home with you, for you need to wind down and dedicate the evening to your family and friends, or to any other entertaining activity you have in mind.

Enjoy a warm shower and then take your evening meal between 7.00pm and 8.00 pm, which is the ideal time span for better digestion. Avoid hot drinks, including tea and coffee and get to bed between 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm.

Before you get into bed, avoid any activity that stimulates your brain, such as computers and television, and opt for breathing exercises or meditation, the quality of your sleep will benefit from this regular practice.

If you follow these simple daily steps, you will soon find that those troubles you often complained about will soon belong to the past.