Are You Fit Enough To CrossFit?

By Brown Articles Published 05/15/2010 | Fitness

Years of experience and methodology on various types of fitness exercises have resulted in one of the most complete exercising program ever created. It is no wonder that CrossFit is used by many Police Academies as well as other Special Operations Units worldwide.

CrossFit could be just the right solution for you. A comprehensive range of proficiency in ten fitness domains, can guarantee a topnotch body and heart condition.  Does this sound a bit too demanding? Maybe not so. However, if you do not personally experience how CrossFit really works, you will never know.

What does CrossFit Really involve?

The CrossFit program requires you to be practiced in ten spheres of fitness, thus rendering the fitness level in your body balanced in all fields, and ready to stem off illness and age. As the CrossFit program progresses for each individual, the work capacity is increased and adapted according to personal resilience. By respecting each persons natural equilibrium, all the ten fitness domains are encompassed, by stimulating the hormones and neurons to adapt to this exercise program.

By the end of the program you should be able to master speed, agility, power, balance, coordination, accuracy, stamina, flexibility, strength and endurance. Although it might seem quite a load, it really is not that overbearing, for the CrossFit program works in symbiosis with the athlete and is not out to achieve competitive results, simply individual achievement for better health and fitness.

You will be having fun skipping, rowing, running and climbing ropes or running around carrying funny objects. The principle of CrossFit is not only your individual body strength but your psychological health.

The objective of CrossFit is not to turn out weightlifting champions or super athletes. The great part of the program is that it can be shaped for all individuals regardless of their age or state of health. It works for everyone and is a real success. Whether you are a retired employee or a full-time athlete, what is important is not the type of physical exercises you are doing, but the degree they are carried out at.

It does seem out of the ordinary, if we imagine a grandfather lifting weights, but that is because our preconceptions are misplaced. CrossFit has proved its results and they are effective.

Try Out Your Personal Physical Endurance

If CrossFit sounds compelling to you the safest approach to a new discipline is testing it out with people who know what they are doing. There are many gyms nowadays that are starting to look like a cross between traditional workout areas and a Marine Corps training camp. If you have stumbled on one of these settings, you know you have found a CrossFit class.

When you are in the discovery phase you need quality training, where professionals understand the importance of injury prevention, correct mechanics, safety and rest periods for optimal performance and regularity. Your objectives are not an issue, but your level of fitness is.

With CrossFit you can actually visualize your achievements and quantify your general fitness level. The competitive side enhances your performance and encourages you to continue with the program, for the program revolves around teams and group settings, stimulating each individual progress. Hence fitness programs become actual sport sessions, which can easily turn into CrossFit games, making fitness fun for all levels.