How To Overcome Bipolar Complaints

By Brown Articles Published 05/15/2010 | Health

Those suffering from bio-polar complaints may take certain steps to help resist this disorder, the more you learn about the complaint the easier it will be to overcome it. It can be of help if those around you also learn more about it in order to help you suitably.

Make sure you take the medicine that you have been prescribed with, each day and regularly, not only when you feel maniac or depressed. Some drugs may cause side effects, it is important to be able to cope with these, without interrupting the treatment.

Your sleeping habits are fundamental, you must get seven to eight hours sleep each night and avoid stimulates, such as coffee and nicotine, these will only prevent you from sleeping properly and will create an imbalance in your disposition.


Alcohol must also be avoided as it will reduce the effect of your treatment and in some cases the conjunction of alcohol with drugs can lead to liver injury, changes in mood and seizures.

A balanced and healthy daily routine as well as regular exercising will do wonders for your general mood and can also reduce stress. Try to stay clear of situations or people who may disturb you, instead try and keep regular contact with a therapist, who will help you deal effectively with your trouble.