Drawing A Natural Expression Of A Childs Needs and Ambitions

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 05/21/2010 | Kids & Teens

As soon as children even start walking, if given a crayon, pen or pencil they will get down and scribble gleefully. It is therefore no wonder that drawings have a great importance in the childs growth. Children are stimulated by painting and drawing, this activity gives them the confidence they need to face up to an adult world.

Give Your Childs Drawing Its Due

Not only are drawings important to your child, they should also be important to you. Lo and behold a parent who, when presented with a series of undecipherable scribbles takes a quick look and lays the work of art aside. This really is something we should never do, even if we are presented with over ten drawings a day, it is essential we take a few moments to appreciate and comment our childs artistic expression. This is our childs world and if we want to be part of it, we have to learn to share all these exclusive moments.

Ive often heard fathers complaining that their kids never draw anything for daddy. Now, if looked into, the reason will soon be apparent. Dad just puts my drawing aside and forgets it!

However busy we may be, we should always take time to look at our childrens drawings and find a special place for them. Either in a folder with Best Drawings labeled on it, or better still, stick them all over your kitchen or study.

Never, never throw away a drawing. You can be sure that one month later one of your kids will come and ask you precisely for that very drawing. Although you may have forgotten about it they never forget one of the hundreds they have created.

Ive found a great alternative for preserving all the drawings my children give me, to avoid boxes and boxes of colorful creations. I scan each one of them and save them on three different files with their names on. I tell them that by doing so the drawings will never crease and get dirty and that we can print them whenever we want to.

My children simply adore scrolling through their drawings on rainy days; it is also a great alternative to television. It is a bit like looking at photos. One day you could even make an album of all the best. When you find the time that is

Drawing as a natural expression that should be encouraged

Children should be encouraged to draw just as they feel they should. Art for a child must be a natural expression, which develops their personality. Art should be taught by preserving their natural expression and enjoyment. Through your childs drawings his or her emotions emerge and give evidence of their innermost feelings and worries. Art is a window through which you can learn to observe your childs development and anxieties.

This freedom of expression is very valuable for the growth of a child and, whenever you can you should encourage your children to draw. Never try to propose styles or models from which your child should copy, in an attempt to improve their talent. This is a mistake; for by doing so you will be inhibiting their art as an expression and you may be stunting their imagination as well as their attempt to communicate important issues to you through their creations.

Stimulate your child by providing the right setting and material for your young artist to create in. For art enriches childrens minds and will help them mature into sensitive and lively adults. In addition, children find confidence in themselves through drawing.

When children are very young and are at their first attempts at art, although they know what objects or people look like they do not copy what they see, they only draw what they think is important. This should enlighten us as to what a child wishes to express and is an important means by which you can discover what they need or how they are feeling.