Cosmetic Surgery - The Changing Definition of Beauty

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/2/2006 | Beauty
Beauty, which is the reflection of ones health and vigor, happiness, and innate goodness, always evokes in the viewer a mixed feeling of   attraction, fondness, and pleasure. While most of us are of the opinion that inner beauty is something that matters in the end, we all want to be physically beautiful as well. And we can not deny the fact, that physical beauty does have its own appeal and thus the effervescent, pretty faces with perfect figures rule the scenes everywherefrom news channels, to advertisements and just about everywhere around us.

Being beautiful today is synonymous with being confident and sending across a message of fine grooming and high background. Not only the young girls or rich and finicky ladies in their 40s, looking good has become the first priority of todays men as well. Cosmetic surgery has become an essential means of those so particular about their appearance, for acquiring the looks they always wanted to have.

Even a few decades ago, corrective measures for looks improvement among common people were restricted to types of hair transplant or some first generation techniques of facelift. But with the advancement in medical science, various kinds of cosmetic corrections have found enormous popularity among the upwardly mobile middle class in the USA. Cosmetic surgery is increasingly being viewed by them as a means to achieve more improved looks by correcting the flaws of face or the body caused by hereditary factors, lifestyle factors or health factors.

There are several reasons why more and more people are taking recourse to cosmetic surgery. It is a way of fulfillment of long cherished dream within a short while almost without pain, without any potent risks and with the assurance of quick recovery. When you get a chance to reconstruct your looks in return of so little, then why should you  not take the chance, the chance to prevail over the nature, to come out of the disabilities thrown on you by nature. In todays world where good looks seem to affect the success of an individual's life in a positive way, no body wants to look unattractive. And this desire is common for men and women alike.

Cosmetic surgery is a corrective procedure aimed at improving ones external physical appearance to correct the features that the patient wants to change to boost his or her self esteem. Today there are varieties of cosmetic treatments available to those who want an impeccable and youthful appearance all through their lives. In addition to facelifts and forehead lifts, today you can find many more aesthetic surgeries like Rhinoplasty or nose surgery, Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, aesthetic ear surgery and so on to take care of the specific aspects of your facial contour. Various kinds of facial implants and chemical face peels are some of the examples of advanced treatments offered by modern cosmetic science that help you to defy age or hereditary imbalances.

One of the more interesting features of this most advanced discipline of medical science is that, in redefining beauty, cosmetic surgery has been able to rise over mere facial beauty. The non-facial cosmetic surgery procedures have become equally popular in giving you a shapely body. Liposuction to get rid of excess deposits of fats from the areas like thigh and hip and tummy tucks to get a firm and flat abdomen are today some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that help you to regain the  beauty of your body. Then, just like breast reconstruction has found extreme popularity among the ladies, the procedures like male pectoral implants, calf implants, and laser hair removals are some of the procedures endorsed by thousands of men every year.

Finally, if you want to look youthful for a longer span of time or if you want to change some traits of your appearance, there is nothing abnormal in it. Everybody wants to be handsome and attractive and cosmetic correction just does it for you. It gives you immense self confidence you never had before.