How To Advertise Your Business Effectively And Inexpensively

By Brown Articles Published 10/20/2010 | Advertising

Advertising is not necessarily synonymous of expensive  propaganda to market your business or products, advertising can be just as effective with less financial output.

Have you ever thought of advertising through the add/claim on Google, which includes Google Maps and other verticals. The Google Map works on the relevancy of the research, ranking and geographical features. If you create your business listing this will drive traffic to Google and benefit you too. Just think of how many people use Google research every day and the good news that this listing is free through the Google Local business Center in most countries.

The next move should be to try and market your business through articles and content on the Internet. Try submitting articles with links to your homepage through Ezine, which is one of the most popular article sources. Articles should be submitted to the top article submission websites to drive clients towards your business. Usually every article submission contains a bio or resource box where you can include links to your website as well as contact information. Most times if you publish an article on one website it is passed on to others, being linked between each other.

You can even advertise your business by producing t-shirts, postcards, calendars, which have your company name, logo and website. Stickers and useful magnets are a good idea too, for you can distribute them around your area, where they will be visualized by those near you.

Make sure you list on review sites, including Feedback jar and yelp for this is where many of your possible clients are likely to turn to. E-mail signature is another good way of promoting your business and get your address through to as many people as possible.

Social networks are also going strong now and there is a social network for every business domain now available on the Internet. Joining is free and you can relate to those in your same business or with those interested in what you are offering. Forums related to your niche are also useful, here you can find out where to further advertise your business or you can offer solutions to people that may be interested in your services or products.

Business cards are a classic but still work well. Have you ever thought of leaving them in library books or at cafes, in bread shops. Leave them around as much as you can as well as leaflets, flyers or put them on community boards.

The more you spread the word both on the Internet and in your neighborhood the more you are likely to find possible clients. Both Internet and door to door strategies work well, for the not all people feel comfortable with the Internet, while others do all their purchasing through online research and shopping.