How to Create a Mailing List Almost for Free

By Brown Articles Published 10/29/2010 | Mailing Lists

All types of businesses need mailing lists, whether they are located in actual buildings or run from home. There are various ways you can build these mailing lists without having to spend money on finding probable clients e-mail addresses.

The first step to take is to have all your customers sign a form on every page of your website in order to get their e-mail address. Add them to your list when you get e-mails or ask them over the phone. Send newsletters or postcards to any old customers you had or any one you know and ask them to sign up on your list and update their profiles.

The next step will be to contact all those potential clients or those people who have not shown any interest in your company. You should send newsletters to these potential clients offering discounts on some of your products or services when they sign up for your newsletter. Send several postcards and letters until you get hold of their e-mail address and advertise your company and products.

Another way to find possible contacts is by exchanging business cards when you are at meetings, conferences and presentations. Most people have their e-mail address on their business card and if they do not just ask them and add it on the card. Use these business cards you have collected to add them to your mailing list and offer them the same for they too are likely to be in business as you are.

Think of contacting any former associates or people you worked with in the past. When you do speak to them and let them know about your new venture and offer them a welcoming benefit or even to be added to their mailing list. Make sure you have them sign up through your website, so that you can have an extra e-mail address on your mailing list.

You should contact all your personal vendors, which can include your doctor, vet or personal suppliers. Send them all a newsletter and information on your business and invite them to join and sign up through your website. You can add a hand-written note to make it more personal and again offer some discount or offer on your product or services.

Visit your local stores and businesses and offer to sign up for their newsletters. By doing so you can offer to add a guest column to their website and propose to link their website to yours. You will both have free advertising and more potential clients visiting both your websites.

You can even offer free hosting services to any professional association or group that does not have their own website. You can place an information page about them and add your link at the bottom of the page in exchange for the service you are offering them.

So, as you see there are plenty of strategies for building up a mailing list practically for free and with these alone you can add quite a number of names and addresses for potential clients.