How to Choose Your Favorite Solar Gadgets

By Brown Articles Published 10/29/2010 | Solar Energy

Solar energy is not necessarily synonymous of expensive solar home systems; you can also cut down on your home bills by installing other smaller scale solar energy devices available on todays market. Most of these are used for charging electronic or electric devices that are removable when the battery has run down, but can be very useful when used on a large scale.

The difficulty does not lie in the choice but rather in choosing quality products amongst the wide range offered. Good quality solar energy devices look exactly the same as those of poor quality; hence the difficulty in detecting which one is the good one. It is important to choose good quality in order to be sure you have a durable device that will pay back on the long term use.

The most popular or solar energy chargers and amongst these you will find the Freeloader solar charger that compares quality wise with the Solio solar charger, although the latter is probably a better choice. The Soldius solar charger is quicker in the charging process but lacks a back up battery. Hence you will be using this charger only during daytime hours, although it is lighter than the former two.

The cheapest on the market are the Brando Solar USB chargers and you will have to decide whether these chargers are a breakthrough or just cheap products all in all. The Tods solar charger is cheap but simply a standard charger and nothing else.

Amongst the larger solar energy devices you will find those for larger appliances such as laptop computers and other similar ones. You have a choice between the Briefcase Solar Charger that is also excellent for recharging a large range of bigger devices or the GoBe solar charger that has a battery separated from the solar panels, which can be practical as it can be used for a wider range of devices.

Other solar devices include small solar energy battery packs that store energy instead of charging the connected device directly. You will also find the hybrid solar-wind charger produced by Kinesis Industries that is very practical for outdoor use.

Bigger devices include solar energy generators that can even compete performance-wise with petrol driven generators. You will need to choose from the diverse equipment offered for some tend to be rather bulky and not very practical. You may like to consider the Solar Stik or the Powercube although the former has a better warranty on the parts.

You can also find devices with built in solar systems such as phones or computers. You can even find iPods and iPhones with built in solar panels, but these are still unapproachable as far as the price tag is concerned.

So whatever gadget you have a liking for will probably offer a solar panel solution for you to save on electric bills and give you more freedom of movement.