How To Install Your Own Solar Garden Devices

By Brown Articles Published 10/29/2010 | Solar Energy

Gardens offer an ideal setting for a wide range of gadgets and solar garden décor devices, which can transform your outside environment in a truly green setting. With the many solar powered accessories available you can turn your garden into an area of modern technology and save energy at the same time.

The first area you can work on is adding water effects to your garden. With solar garden fountains you can create beautiful fountains or mini waterfalls without extra electric expense. These solar powered systems have an added advantage, for they are not connected with the main electric system and are therefore safe for children. You can choose between two different kinds of fountain designs, one being a fountain unit with a built in solar panel, whilst the other has a separate solar array, both offering different advantages.

Next you can consider the lighting of your patio and garden for there are multiple types of lanterns you can use to dot your garden with and create a magical effect as well as an effective lighting system without spending a cent on electricity.

You may also consider installing a pump in your garden for watering plants and furnishing the water for your fountains or even birdbaths to add to the décor. Consider all the advantages you can derive from water pumps.

Fountains and water pumps allow the water to circulate, thus avoid any areas of stagnant water and mosquitoes. The pumps are independent and do not have to be connected to the main power supply. They also need no inverter for a pump runs on DC power and with very little power, close to six volts, so only small solar panels are needed.

Pumps only need to run during the day, for this is when the birds are in the birdbaths and the sun is out to run the pump, therefore no batteries are needed. You can even construct your own solar panels for even cheaper installations. You can place your pump, fountain or birdbath anywhere in the garden, without the hassle of ugly looking wires that disturb the natural effect of your garden.

A fountain pump is easily installed; all you need is a suitable area and a small place to install the pump under as well as its components. Birdbaths offer variants such as cascading fountains made of various durable materials, including copper, terracotta, ceramic and resin, just make sure you have enough place to fit your pump.

You will need to choose the size of the water pump according to the volume of water you decide to pump and the height you want your water to cascade from. Normally, an average-sized birdbath or fountain will need a small six volt pump.

You will need to collect all the components such as flexible PVC pipe, silicon sealant and the solar panels, and then put them together. Installing and putting together all the elements should not take long and in two hours you should have your decoration up and functioning. If you want the fountain to run during the night as well as the daytime, it is best to add a battery system that will store solar energy during the day and have your pump running at nighttime too.