Marketing Your Business to Past and Current Customers

By Kaye Marks Published 10/31/2010 | Advertising
It has been repeatedly said that building customer relationships is integral to business. If you want to maintain a good and profitable business, draw in lots of customers.

This does not mean though that you simply need to get new customers all the time and forget about your existing customers. It is important to remember that keeping old customers often translate to bigger sales than attracting new customers all the time. Why? Because your old customers already have knowledge of you. They trust your brand and your products or services, so they are likely to come back to you and increase their purchases. What’s more, they are likely to refer you to friends, colleagues, and other people as well.

The reason for marketing to existing and old customers is actually simple. It means more money for you. However, the common mistake of business owners is to focus on marketing to new prospects. That is perfectly understandable as marketing to them is easy. You simply need to talk to them, develop a connection with them, and convince them to buy your products or avail of your services. It is practically easy.

There is actually a lot less complicated and costly way to generate more income, remember your past and present customers. If you are not marketing to them right now, you are leaving a huge opportunity to earn money.

It is generally easy to market to past customers. You simple create a catchy marketing material, perhaps an informative brochure or catalog printed clearly and prudently and they are sure to come back to you. (A word of advice, be wary of hiring just any printer in printing your materials. Make sure to hire printers of high caliber reputation. It is best to read printing reviews before deciding on a printer.)

Keep in mind that your past customers trust you, they know your capability, and they are convinced with the value of your products or services (that is if you did a great job for them the first time).

So how do you market to them? You can offer your past customers incentives, discounts, or additional services. You can also send them holiday cards, post cards, or greeting cards; just make sure to send them frequently as once a year will not help them remember you. Remember that your goal is to refresh your business to your past customers, so send them frequently.

How about your existing customers? When you are able to make a sale today, it does not mean that your relationship with your customer stops there. It is imperative to market to them long after the sale is done to keep them for long term.

How do you do this? By direct marketing, newsletters, and even emails. Send them flyers, brochures, or note cards to offer them a special gift or to notify them of special offers and new products. As always, make sure to create effective and high quality marketing materials. Avail of good quality printing to make an exceptionally compelling material. There are many printers these days that offer high quality output and fast turnaround at incredibly affordable prices. You might want to check out printplace reviews to see if deals fit your need and budget.

So, even if you own a small business, start marketing to your past and existing customers. By building strong relationship with them, you are sure to benefit from repeat sales and steady flow of new business. The bottom line is, never forget about your current and past customers or else they will definitely forget about you.