How to Use Audio Ads To Improve Your Business

By Brown Articles Published 11/5/2010 | Advertising

Have you ever considered how audio advertisements can be beneficial to your business? Online audio advertising can do wonders to attract visitors to your website and business and keep them there. These audio ads can include either interviews, podcasts, teleconferences amongst other strategies.

When you use online audio advertising you should be trying to create a relationship between the readers and your company. The aim is to appear trustworthy and to be recognized as a valuable source of information or service. This is why your audio recording must imperatively be of high quality in order to give a professional impression to those who are listening.

A good audio advertisement will help you relate more directly with potential customers for you are indirectly forging a relationship with consumers, which cannot be done with text alone. Audio advertising is also more relaxing for people as they do not have to strain their eyes on reading content all the time.

Although many websites will play the audio as soon as you connect with their home page, this can be irritating for some visitors who prefer to have a choice, so let them choose and allow for personal initiative.

You can start creating audio ads with various online services, notably, which is a unique website that will help you create professional audio ads. You can sign up for free and search for voice talents and post a job from the personal account area. Posting for a job is easy; all you have to do is enter a few details of your project.

Once you have posted the details voice talents will receive your message and should reply within the first hour. Over the next few days you will have a choice of several voice talents you can choose from.  You can then go ahead and listen to the audio ad samples and also compare the various quotes that have been sent for your project. When you have decided which voice will suit your purpose you will have to click on award job to choose your candidate. You will then have to confirm what you need to record by attaching a script to the job posting or a new script for your audio advertisement.

As far as payment goes you will need to deposit on the escrow service that keeps your deposit in a go-between bank account and will only release the payment to your voice talent once you have downloaded the audio file and are happy with the work by accepting the files.

Talent voices usually use professional recording studios to prepare your audio ad and use software, which is usually the standard material used in the audio industry, such as Adobe Audition or Pro Tools. Once the recording is ready you will be able to download them and approve them if you are happy with the recording.

It is well worth investing on a professional audio, for this will be the attraction point of your website that can bring visitors and revenue to your business. This new trend is innovative and works well for advertising, therefore is a good investment.