How Important is Customer Service For Your Business

By Brown Articles Published 11/5/2010 | Customer Service

An efficient and well implemented customer service will come back with far more positive results and more business for you than any other more expensive market strategy. If you have a satisfied customer who after having purchased one of your products can rely on you for any after sales questions or issues, will no doubt talk positively about you to friends and acquaintances and even recommend your products or services.

If you neglect your customers once they have purchased from your company then you will most likely end up with customers that are not happy even though your product is a good quality one. Pampering your customers always pays back, even though they do not need any particular help they will be flattered you consider them and want to help. Customer service is a psychological game, where your clients feel you need them as much as they need you.

The word of mouth strategy has always been an effective method to advertise your business however many new strategies pop up on the market. Not only will a happy customer bring more clients to your business, but he or she will no doubt remain faithful to your products and services.

Larger companies have a customer service team that deals with clients for all problems concerning after sales issues alone. Each individual employee of the team deals with one customer complaint at a time and works actively to solve problems and keep the client satisfied with this service. Not only should your client feel satisfied that you have indeed taken care of the problem, he or she should feel you have added an extra personal touch for them alone.

If you want to avoid major issues the best tactic is not to promise something you may not be able to achieve without some difficulty. Always promise less than you can give, for if you give more your customer will be positively impressed, while if you do not meet the conditions promised you will end up with an unhappy customer. Basically you should put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself what kind of service you would like a business to provide and how would you like to be treated if you had an issue with a product or service?

Customer service should also deal with other marketing strategies and not only after sales issues. This should be an active service that evaluates what type of products customers are really after and whether the existing processes and services offered reflect their needs.

It is a good idea to set up a call center to deal with customer servicing to avoid long queues and frustrated customers. Employees must keep the calls short and target the problems efficiently or relaying calls to more specific services, to avoid having clients think you are not really taking care of their problems simply processing their calls.

You should take some specific training in how best to deal with customers or train your employees. This will provide you with the know-how, proper resources and skills in order to implement the best possible customer care.