Nine Strategies To Keep Your Customers Happy

By Brown Articles Published 11/5/2010 | Construction

If you want to make sure your customers keep coming to you for your product or service you have to make sure you are following effective marketing strategies and here are a few tips to help you keep your customer faithful to your business.

         Make sure you make it clear exactly what it is you are offering and promising your customers when relating with them and in your promotional material. You must be sure of yourself and your product and never promise something you cannot afford to give. Avoid taking on any kind of service you are not qualified for and never set the customers expectations higher than you can afford.

         Make all agreements taken with your client clear cut from the start, with appropriate legal clauses, so that all details on service rendered or products delivered are covered and have these check by your lawyer before submitting them to your customers.

         Avoid any conflicts of interest. If you should have any doubt as to whether a certain service may cause any conflict of interest, then just avoid it and pass it on to another provider who can offer service. Referring customers to competitors will come into your referral agreements and will work to your advantage for future services.

         Never talk to one particular client about other clients. Your relationship with each client must remain confidential. If you talk about your projects with other customers your client might wonder if you do this with everyone and he will consider you as unreliable. Avoid negative remarks, always refer to your clients in positive terms or else avoid mentioning them at all.

         Keep your customers posted on all you are doing for them. Your clients must know that you are always at work for them in order to provide the best possible service. Tell them all about all the project management issues, the meetings you attend and any reports you make; this will please your clients and show them you are an active provider.

         You must be easy to reach, do not make the mistake to want to appear busy and professional by making people wait, this will only irritate your clients. Provide all necessary contact information and the hours you are available. Although you want to be within easy reach with your clients, do not go over the line; let them know when you are available and when you are not.

         When you send messages or information to your clients make sure you double check they have arrived safely, as often, especially Internet correspondence can get lost in the spam mail. Make sure all communication with your customers is kept in good working order.

         When you do make errors, and that is normal for all of us, be prepared to admit your mistake and correct it immediately, making sure your client does not pay for the consequences of your error.

         Never do anything that has not been planned for without your customers accord. People do not like surprises. Keep them informed if you envisage any changes and explain why this will work to their advantage.

If you stick to these basic strategies, you will have happy customers who will remain faithful for