The Importance of Customer Service for Small Businesses

By Brown Articles Published 11/5/2010 | Construction

Not only is an efficient customer service essential to businesses it is more so for the smaller ones. Statistically it has been proven that smaller companies have a higher rate of survival with respect to other larger ones that aim solely at emphasizing products and offering lower prices.

The most important feature of your business is your customer and never forget that. All issues such as production, distribution or sales come after your client. This is why you and your employees should set the standards of this marketing strategy.

The first step to take is to make sure everyone in your business is aware of this and understand how essential customer service really is for the companys survival and benefits. If you have employees help them understand the importance of this strategy by rewarding their perception and help them out when they are faced with difficult situations that may arise when solving customer problems. It is true that customers come first, but it is also true that your employees make your business a success.

Follow the customer closely and keep your relationship provider/client active. Listen carefully to your customers requirements and try and understand how your client may work for your business. By taking note of all needs and problems that revolve around your products or services, you can tailor these to the best of your customers requirements.

Taking care of your existing customers is cheaper than having to find new ones; this is why customer service is so important. Statistically more than 60 percent of sales derive from existing customers and it takes five times more effort to find a new customer than to keep the one you already have faithful to your products.

Moreover, if you lose one of your customers you are very likely to have lost him forever. Another statistic shows that 93 percent of unsatisfied customers will never return to buy from a company they are dissatisfied with.

Details are very important and should not be neglected. Any special touch you can add to place your business in the forefront and make that extra difference as opposed to your competition will draw more clients to your service. Make sure your customers know that you will make an extra effort to meet their needs; all they have to do is ask.

Those extras you may offer are little expense to you and a great deal to your customers. Small differences, such as courteous behavior and recognition when you call them by name, having an answer ready to all their queries, calling back immediately when they leave a message and producing products that work first time and do not cause continual trouble will make your company a success.

Customer service is one of the best strategies and it is worth pursuing it actively. Business all sizes should implement this strategy if they want their company to keep afloat and move forward in this competing world.