Why Franchising is the Ideal Solution for New Ventures

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 11/7/2010 | Franchising

Nowadays worldwide franchising is in full swing and development, so if you are one of those people seeking a successful marketing trend, franchising could be just the solution for you.

Obtaining a franchising ownership can provide you the opportunity to develop and run your own financial venture and turn it into a successful enterprise.

The great advantage of franchising is that you can master your own success with the support of a corporation that has already been established and therefore has all the resources you need to develop your concepts and ideas to bring customers and increase sales.

Statistically franchised businesses are on the top of most lists, which rate amongst the most successful and this makes sense for this strategic marketing venture and collaboration pays back. In franchising you are your own master but you are not alone in developing a companys strategy.

This is the positive side in franchising, you can stake on your survival more than you would if you were to create your own business from scratch. Franchising is a system that involves neither upfront financial expenses nor research or development costs.

You will have initial fees to pay every week or month in order to use a particular brand name or company image, in terms of a royalty in order to use that name, but this investment will payback soon it you use your expertise and experience to improve this image and make it grow.

Although there are many benefits and advantages in the franchising option, you can never be one hundred percent sure of success. Just because a certain marketing strategy is successful does not mean yours will be too, you will have to work at it as in all other niches. Even though you do have the advantage of franchising with a successful brand name that already sells well, it requires hard work to develop the products and services and improve the profits.

The drawbacks you may be faced with in franchising will be the lack of independence involved. For although you are the one deciding your strategy you are not the only voice that counts as you would be in your own company. It is in fact a partnership, where you share the risks but also the decisions. You will be following a system as the performance of a brand will depend on the good work of an entire team, as any bad strategy will immediately reflect on the entire brand name.

However the advantages are many. Franchising allows you to:

         Decide as if you were your own boss, for you will be controlling your own destiny and business achievement and will not be dependent on someone above you who can decide to give your post to someone else. You will be building a security for you and your family. It will give you the independence and a greater level of security.

         Your hard work will be rewarded. When you work hard for someone else there is no benefit from this, as usually it is the boss who has the positive paybacks, although you may gain occasional benefits. What you have worked hard at you will be gaining direct profit from and that is the best bonus you can ever wish for.

         Franchising is no last minute venture, it has been proven successful in the business world, and although it is hard work it involves little risks for people who are ready to work for themselves.