How To Become a Good Accountant and Start Your Own Book keeping Service

By Brown Articles Published 11/13/2010 | Accounting

Before you decide whether or not accounting is what you would want to do, it is best to have clear what it is you will be doing exactly. You will be dealing with all the financial information that will help all business managers, tax authorities and investors as well as other key decision makers to decide where to allocate determined resources.

Now while most people can learn to deal with financial issues not all know what it takes to become a good accountant even after they have graduated. To start with prepare for your studies from school and aim at getting higher grades in subjects like Math. Find out what the best qualifications are to be accepted in a good accounting program and which university offers the best degree in accounting.

It takes quite a bit of studying and work, so before you do decide, take a look at the accountancy program and judge whether you will be able to pass the subjects they require you to take. To pass the accountancy program you have to have an average of about 75% in the first two years, so it is quite demanding. However during the third and fourth year you can have failed one subject and can retake it at university. Finally in the fifth year you will be taking your CPA exam.

The best training you can get during your college years is to work part time in banks or during the summer when there is much demand for replacements. By doing so, not only will you be progressing with your degree, but you will also be gaining direct experience, which will be of great help when applying for a job or opening up your own business.

With some accounting experience and hard studying you will have no particular difficulty in attaining your bachelors degree and then passing the CPA exam.

Going into accounting is a very good field of business, as all companies require an accounting service for their book keeping, for it is required by the law. All businesses have to justify their entries, profit, losses as well as payrolls amongst many other financial activities, therefore accountants are always needed.

Smaller businesses do not want to spend too much time on the book keeping as they need to focus their energy on the sales and profits as well as marketing of their company. This is why most choose to pay an accountant to do the book keeping work for them as it makes their business more profitable.

Having your own accounting business will give you a larger flexibility for you to organize your working hours allowing you more time for issues that matter the most to you. Although at the beginning it can be hard work starting your own business it pays off on the long run in terms of freedom and comfort.