The Best Way to Find a Good Accountant

By Brown Articles Published 11/13/2010 | Accounting

It is not always easy to find an accountant for your business and even harder to find a good one. There seem to be so many new accounting services and accountants popping up every year that it can be a hard task choosing the right one that will meet your particular needs.

The choice of an accountant should not be taken lightly for it is your finances you are dealing with. An accountant will be able to access all personal financial information and has to be not only a professional but also extremely reliable and trustworthy. When you are doing some research keep two basic issues in mind to help you make the right choice before you hand over your book keeping to someone.

The first step is to create a list of referrals using credible sources, such as local banks or other financial planners. You may even discuss your research with your insurance agent, who is bound to have some reliable names to give you. Other good sources are your business contacts and affiliations, as these are excellent resources that may provide you with accountants who know how to work professionally and can be trusted.

These sources are trusted and reliable and can provide you with a list of good candidates from which to choose, as in most cases the accountant will have a good reputation. With this list in hand you can then proceed to contact each person in order to exchange information. You may tell the professional you contact about your kind of business and the type of accounting needs you are looking for, as they will need this information to be able to know what your needs and expectations are.

While you are providing information make sure you too are getting all the information you need to be able to surmise the accountant and his or her professionalism. Amongst the most important issues you need to be clear on are how and if this accountant can handle book keeping in your marketing niche and your size business as well as the services offered. Check the portfolio they should provide you and ask for an estimate for their services, being careful that you have clear which fees cover which services.

It is essential you keep a clear communication running between the accountant and yourself, this will help you determine whether they are helpful and informative. Keep your ears and eyes open for those on your list who offer to listen to your concerns and take time to offer all the information you require from them, for these are usually the ones you should be choosing amongst others. An accountant who is prepared to take time to explain and listen to your concerns is often the best candidate.

After you have gathered all the necessary information and have contacted your favourite candidates you can finally decide which one is the best for your business and keep in mind this will be a close and long relationship so choose wisely. Not only will he or she have to be a professional, you will also need to make sure you can build a good relationship and can communicate and relate easily with your accountant.