How to Find Your Position in the Market to Advertise Effectively

By Brown Articles Published 11/13/2010 | Advertising

If you want your business to improve and increase sales it is fundamental you find your exact position on the market, in order to be able to advertise effectively and center your target clients. This is the most valuable advertising tool. You will be creating a unique identity for your business that will attract potential clients without wasting your money in other marketing niches.

A target positioning on the market is essential if you intend to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Nowadays there are more and more services and products being proposed on the market and all potential clients see are ad, which can be confusing and hard to identify. There is an overload on the advertising stage, so you should find a direct and clear message that will eventually break through and bring you a new client.

The public who is listening to these advertising messages cannot register ideas that keep coming at them without offering a distinctive trait. You have to try to position yourself by making an effort to gain a higher level in the multitude of advertising messages offered to every day.

You need to find a uniqueness in your message that will convince someone to buy from your rather from your competitor, even though your products may be very similar. It is essential you link your product or service to a precise need of your target consumer, for your position on the market should reflect your unique proposal.

There are several ways to choose your exact positioning on the advertising market and you can start form analyzing how your business will be perceived by the public. Ask yourself how your prospective clients can see you as different from the rest. You may find the answer to this question by taking your best client as an example and from there design a position that matches their need, offering advantages that only you can.

Your exact positioning will dictate all the aspects of your business, including communications, product design, sales promotions, advertising, public relations and packaging. Try and work towards reinforcing your position once you have found it, in order to avoid confusing your customers and the public, for it is essential you choose the right position around which to build your advertising strategy around.

Start your work right from the beginning in order to develop a clear picture of your product to make the most of your advertising budget. You need to invest some money for a good advertising positioning and strategy if you want to start off on the right foot.

A mediocre advertising scheme will confuse the consumers and portray your message badly. You need a unique selling proposition to place on the advertising scene targeting just the right audience. Positioning together with a creative approach will make a real difference in how you sell a product.

Create a tagline and positioning statement for your business by answering five specific questions:

1.      What does my business offer?

2.      Who is it aimed at?

3.      What is the benefit I am offering my customers?

4.      Why will they benefit from my products?

5.      How will my customers perceive the benefit as opposed to the competition?