How to Come up With Good Fundraising Ideas For Marketing

By Brown Articles Published 11/20/2010 | Advertising

If you want your fundraising ideas to be successful it is essential you develop strategic methods to market your fundraising and attract public attention. You can do this in several ways while taking your budget into account and decide which may work better for your type of fundraising.

Announcements to your community are a very effective way to attract public attention, if your intention is to raise funds for an organization, such as a school or other non-profit association within your community. You can use several methods to announce your fundraising event in order to reach your audience effectively by using the local publications available. These can be either newsletters, bulletins, newspapers or public boards that can be found in several public sites. Most of the time you do not have to pay to appear in these publications, especially if you are organizing a non-profit fundraising event, if there is a fee it will be a minimal one.

An excellent way to raise money is to organize a community entertainment event for your community. This could be either a concert, play or even an amateur talent show. People love being entertained and you can even come up with a games tournament, be it the classic board games or card games. To attract people to the event place posters in all public areas you can think of, as well as publishing advertisements in newspapers or bulletins. Draw people to your fundraising event by letting them know that it will be highly entertaining with music and actors sponsored by your organization and that it is an event not to be missed.

Before you do organize this special fundraising event you will have to decide how you are going to ask for peoples money. Will you be asking for free donations, where each person can decide what sum to donate? Or will you be selling tickets? If you do choose to sell tickets, you must be clear about the conditions and specify how and where to purchase the tickets, their price and where you fundraising event is to be held. This information is essential and must be clearly expressed in your advertising phase, if you wish your fundraising event to be successful.

The media is an effective marketing strategy to attract people to your fundraiser. You can contact your local radio or TV station to check what possibilities they can offer for you to announce your fundraising event. These could be either free commercial announcements or a flash ad during a news broadcast to briefly announce your event. If you intend to create your own commercial to advertising your fundraiser make sure you produce a high-quality film by using a good camera. Once you have filmed your commercial you can edit it with specific editing software such as Premiere Elements or Movie Maker, which is editing software for the classic consumer. You can get more professional editing software with Premier Pro, that will depend on your budget.

An effective advertising campaign will help you market your fundraising event and gain higher profits for you cause.