Ideas on How to Raise Money for Individual Groups

By Brown Articles Published 11/20/2010 | Fundraising

Raising money for an organization is no easy feat and needs a lot of energy and hard work as well as careful planning. The first step to take is to start thinking what you need to raise money for and from there, decide how much money you need to raise. Then you can think about how you are going to raise the sum. Here are some ideas for fund raising and the kind of events and activities you can propose that may attract people to your cause.

You may like to start with something simple, such as recycling or selling things. Old newspapers are the easiest to recycle, as you can collect these in your neighborhood and take them to your nearest recycling center that will pay you by number or weight of the newspapers you take. You can also recycle aluminum, plastic or glass that will be paid as a deposit when handed over to the recycling center. If you are a group, you can get quite a system going by placing large boxes in various locations to collect recycling material.

Another way to raise funds is by organizing a garage or yard sale. You can sell anything at these sales, from books to furniture and again clothing or other accessories. Before you plan the sale make sure you advertise adequately by posting ads on the community bulletin boards.

You can also set up a small business in order to sell items, which may include stickers, t-shirts or stationary with your organizations logo. As a group you can also collect the members favorite recipes and create a cookbook that can be published by a local printer and sell it during other events.

If as an individual group you have access to a large space, you can organize a flea market or arts and crafts fair. You may then rent the space to the stands or to people who wish to sell at your flea market. You will have to advertise the events in the newspapers or on bulletin boards and make sure those who are setting up the stands have their own material.

Car washing events are easy and popular and can be organized individually or by the group in a parking lot, where you can organize a real team of car washers. Banners and ads must clearly state what it is you are raising funds for.

You can also distribute fliers for local businesses for a minimal fee. If you do it for a number of different businesses you can put away quite a bit of money.

Sporting events attract many people and if you want to raise a larger sum of money these will be your best bargain. You can organize a marathon, triathlon, bike competitions or fun runs. Those who want to participate will pay a fee and those who are just watching can decide to donate an amount of money for each mile a certain participant runs.

These are just a few simple ideas that can help individual groups raise money for their causes.