How to Create Your Own Indoor Hydroponics Garden

By Brown Articles Published 11/20/2010 | Agriculture

Hydroponics gardening system is becoming very popular nowadays for you can grow your fruits and vegetables faster and your plants will yield more than with regular gardening. What happens in hydroponics is that you will be growing your plants with a pre-mixed nutrient solution out of the soil. Although you need to research a little in order to implement this type of gardening, once you have chosen the one suited for your specific needs it is not hard to create your hydroponics garden.

There are different techniques for hydroponics gardening and these include, flood and drain, passive hydroponics, drip or sprinkler and deep water culture. All these systems are easy to implement and have various advantages to help you create your own personal hydroponics garden. The easiest to carry out is the passive hydroponics plant growing technique. Although it is the simplest it is the one that will yield less produce and is recommended for beginners.

Deep water hydroponics is a technique that requires culture trays that contain plants and these are fitted over a reservoir. Air stones are placed in the reservoir to aerate the water and plants, in order to avoid the risk of root damage. It is quite straightforward to operate, but it is slightly more time consuming than the former method of hydroponics gardening.

The most popular form of hydroponics gardening is the flood and drain system. These systems work on the re-circulating of the water and are also known as Ebb and Flow hydroponics. You must install a hydroponics growing table system that is constantly flooded with a nutrient solution via a pump, therefore nourishing the roots of the plants continuously. Your work involves checking that the system keeps in working order from time to time; it is therefore relatively simple to implement.

The Drip and Sprinkler hydroponics system needs you to sprinkle or drip the nutrient solution around the roots, which allows for a larger oxygenation of the roots and less water as opposed to flooding.

Whichever system you choose to adopt you must consider the importance of maintaining the EC and pH levels under control and change the nutrient solution weekly if you want to achieve satisfying results and have your plants grow strong and yield produce.

Always keep your hydroponics garden clean and tidy, as water can easily generate pests and other harmful bacteria that can spread very quickly and damage all your patient work. Make sure you fully understand what it is your hydroponics garden needs in terms of nutrients and water supply if you want the system to be effective and have your plants grow plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Once you have understood the basics hydroponics gardening can be very affordable and simple to implement. This avant-garde system is the future of tomorrows gardening and is easily accessible to both beginners and advanced gardeners; it has plenty to offer for pleasurable gardening.