How to Offer Better Customer Service Than Your Competitors

By Brown Articles Published 12/3/2010 | Customer Service

The real secret to customer service and to draw new customers to your business, is to offer better customer service than your competitors. According to a marketing survey a company loses clients for two main reasons; a bad experience with one of the companys staff or because they no longer feel valued as clients as they were initially.

This is why customer service is fundamental if you want your business to be successful. It is easier to lose a client than to find one, so this is why you should work at outshining your competitors precisely in the customer service section of your company. The two essential issues to keep in mind are, one, treat your customer as if he was a special person and two, make sure customers are always treated with respect and courtesy.

To be able to provide better customer service than your competitors you must first determine what it is that makes your offer so special. Carry out some research on your competitors and find out what it is they are offering in terms of customer service and what you can in turn offer to outshine them. You can no doubt find certain aspects of you customer service that are special and better than your competitors, or at least enhance some of the better ones.

Prepare a list of any new and good ideas that you can think of for a better and strategic customer service. There are several ways you can beat your competition, for example, you may offer free delivery for a product both you and your competitors propose, or provide a faster turnover making sure you keep the quality of your service at a high standard.

You may find you need to expand your operational tactics if you want to provide a customer service that stands out as opposed to your competitors, so make sure you take this into consideration. One example may be offering your customers a customer service at home, which may be one way to outshine competition, as this is a more personalized form of service and will reach your clients directly.

Providing strong customer service may need you to improve or enhance some of your usual marketing tactics. Consider giving a boost or new look to what you are already proposing. You can, for instance if you have to provide an estimate to a client, send the estimate in writing, making sure you underline this extra service and keep to your promise. This is a way that will stress the extra attention your company provides its clients. At this point you must not focus on lower prices, for this is customer service you are providing not the lowest price, you must show your customer that your company pays full attention to clients requirements and will go that extra step to make sure they are satisfied.