How to Carry Out Good Customer Service Using E-mail

By Brown Articles Published 12/3/2010 | Customer Service

Nowadays most businesses carry out their services and notifications by using e-mails and most clients are used to this form of communication and even prefer it. However, it can become rather impersonal especially when it relates to customer service. This is why it is essential to follow specific rules when dealing with your customer service by e-mail, for customer service is one of the strongest market strategies for a successful business.

Reply to your customers e-mails immediately. The first most important point is to reply promptly to all your customers e-mails, unless they are insulting or provoking, in this case take a little time to settle down and prepare an appropriate response or do some research on your customers service history. When you send an e-mail in answer always address your customer by using their formal name or full name, avoid adopting a casual tone or slang.

Show your concern for the customers enquiry or problem. Customers must feel that you are genuinely interested in them and that you will personally take care of their issue or problem. Make sure your answers are clear and concise throughout the e-mail. It is helpful if you use bullets or links to websites that can be useful to your customer and help answer questions if you need to. E-mails have to cover all the issues your customers put forward in a simple and direct manner. Remember they are reading a text, so make it easy for them to follow and pleasant to look at. Nice looking and well-written content will always be appreciated and may even put your customers in a good mood.

To finish off your message remember to mention that you hope you have answered all the questions and that you hope to hear from them soon if they have doubts on other issues. Then you can end your e-mail with a professional touch, never forgetting to add either regards or sincerely followed by your name, job title and contact information in case your customer should need to contact you again.

Never send off an e-mail before having proof read it. Your message really has to be mistake-free or make some point clearer when they appear too complicated to follow. As a final tip, make sure you flag the e-mails you send customers that need special attention, this will help you keep your messages organized so you can immediately relate to which issues concern who.

If you follow these few basic tips the e-mails you send to solve problems and answer issues will help you keep a good customer service and a profitable business.