How to Carry out the Best Customer Service and Keep Your Clients

By Brown Articles Published 12/4/2010 | Customer Service

Once you have a portfolio of clients you must keep them satisfied so that they remain faithful to your company, and to do that you have to be able to outshine your competitors. Here are some ideas for you to implement an effective customer service and keep those customers you worked hard find.

Create a list of new ideas you can implement as competitive customer service alternatives and them examine the list to see which ideas are actually feasible. Keep in mind that you must stick to promises and estimates you provide your clients with, so if you are not positive that is the case, take that idea off your list.

The best way to implement your new strategic customer service ideas is to choose one or two and work hard at making them work. When you start working on your ideas make sure that everyone knows about it. You will need to feature this new issue of your customer service wherever you can. You can also add this new feature to your e-mail signature and business cards. The slogan of your new customer service strategy must appear as often as possible, it needs to be in the forefront of every advertisement you place. By doing so your potential customers as well as the ones you already have will associate this new service immediately to your company whenever they come across it.

It is also a good idea to ask your current customers that are happy with your service or products to come forth with customer service testimonials. You can use these in advertisements, print ads, newspapers, on your website, anywhere you can think of that will draw attention. Reviews are where people usually go and look, as they prefer a consumer opinion as opposed to a technical review of a product.

It is essential you stress your new idea for your customer service strategy to be effective, so do not hesitate to place it wherever and whenever you can and stay active at promoting this idea, it has to become part of your business.

The next step, once you have implemented your idea effectively is to keep listening to your customers requests and complaints. Remember that it is your customers that will give you your next ideas for even better customer service. You can do so in several ways, either by asking a formal customer satisfaction feedback form, which you can add with each post or sale on your website or casually ask your customers what they would find appreciable as an added customer service change.

People really appreciate it when you ask for their opinion and you listen too. Customers are tired of complaining or suggesting ideas, just to find they simply get ignored. Just think about this, a customer whose idea has been taken into account will feel greatly complimented and you will have achieved a double objective, he or she will remain faithful to your business, plus you will have created another idea for your list.