How to Choose Your Ideal Customer to Implement Effective Customer Service

By Brown Articles Published 12/4/2010 | Customer Service

Although it is important for a business to find new customers who will increase their product or service sales, statistically it is more important to keep a good hold on those already who are already part of a companys portfolio. Not only is it essential to work hard on keeping them happy, you should also know how to work this aspect to its fullest potential.

The best way to implement good customer service is to choose a smaller percentage of your current customers and focus directly on them. These should include your best customers, those who have purchased a greater part of your products and who keep coming for more. In order to assess which of your customers best come under this category you should divide them up in five main types of loyal customers.

1.      Loyal customers are those that make up more than half the total of your sales and only represent twenty percent. These customers should be solicited as often as possible by showing them you are interested in their opinion and you value their input greatly. This kind of customer will ensure your inventory is working and will be a key contribution to your sales.

2.     Impulsive customers are those buy at a whim and do not really have one particular product in mind but are happy to purchase an article from time to time. Impulsive shoppers have to be targeted for they are those who provide a large amount of customer insight and information.

3.      Discount Customers, are those that will often buy from your business but always wait when there are discounts available.

4.      Wandering customers, are those that do not have actual needs when they buy, they are just looking for a social experience. Although these customers do not represent a large part of our immediate sales, they are a real help within your community, as they shop in search of an interaction with the community and are most likely to talk about you to others.

5.      Customers with specific needs are those that know exactly what they want and are not really interested in other products. This type of customer is driven by a specific need and he or she needs to find it fast without wasting time unlike the wandering customer. If you do not provide them with the product they are looking for immediately, they will simply leave. These customers are difficult to hold on to over the Internet sales or to competitors. If you want to avoid losing them you need to interact positively and efficiently with them.

These five categories of customers are those you really need to concentrate on when planning and implementing your customer service, this will avoid time wasting and money loss. While it is true that other customers are a resource for your business, you must not spend too much time or put too much emphasis on them.