ow To Use Skype As A Business Tool And Improve Your Commerce

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/4/2010 | Advertising
For anyone who is not familiar with Skype, it is communication software that allows people to communicate worldwide at very low costs and even free of charge if both the parties have created a Skype account.

All businesses should take advantage of this comprehensive tool, which will completely revolutionize the way you communicate, cooperate with others and compete with other businesses.

Skype is simple to use and has many options to help you manage your business, by allowing clients to reach you easily and at cheaper rates, and even free of charge. It will also allow your employees to be more productive, giving you an advantage on your competitors.

Free Phone calls

It stands to reason that any client who can contact you free of charge will definitely choose your company as opposed to another, which does not provide this free service. With Skype you can offer unlimited communication by creating your own account. To benefit from free phone calls the person wishing to contact you will also have to create an account, but this is extremely easy and quick to implement.


You can call any number from your computer, be it a computer, a mobile or standard phone. Your clients can also contact you with their phone, mobile or computer.

You may also communicate via video. All you need is a web camera fixed on or integrated in your computer and you are all set for video communication or conferences with your colleagues, employees or clients. Many clients will feel you are a dependable company if they can actually see you exist.

Protecting your business

Skype also proposes protection features, to protect your business from spyware, Spam and adware, with its Business Control Centre. This centre is compatible with Antivirus systems, and all your file transfers are scanned when transferred.

How To Use Skype Safely For Your Business.

As a business owner you have access to the Business Control Centre. This centre allows you to manage Skype accounts. For example you can create accounts for each of your employees or contractors and add credits to their account from the Control Centre. However, if you want to ensure security you do not necessarily have to use the Business Control Centre.

Once you have downloaded Skype and have created your account profile and privacy settings, you may choose whom to add to your list of contacts. You may also decide who can or cannot view your status. Your profile though, is public and can be viewed by other people using Skype, so make sure you carefully choose the details you wish everyone to view.


Although Skype has many applications of its own, you can also add on other third party applications to customize your Skype account for your specific needs. You may for example choose Inner Pass, which is a Skype add-on similar to WebEx. What it does, is it allows you to make file and screen sharing, conference calls and other similar features business-friendly. You can also add features such as recording Skype calls or transcribing voicemail.