Get rid of vexing veins - Here is how

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/2/2006 | Beauty

There are people, for whom going out on a beach holidays is a matter of great anxiety and they search for for excuses to escape a beach holiday. It sounds ridiculous, but these people are the victims of spider veins, an accumulation of red, blue or purple veins spiraling along the thighs, calves and ankles, making their legs appear just ghastly. More unfortunate among them suffer from such painful symptoms emanating from spider veins as burning, swelling and night cramps. Looking just like spider web or tree roots these spider veins are most commonly found on thighs and calves, but in some cases they are formed on the faces. Around 60% of adult women in the USA suffer from the appearance of spider veins as a result of hormonal imbalance during puberty and menopause or pregnancy, weight gain, prolonged sitting or standing, aging, accident or genetic factors. However they are not the manifestation of any venal disorder and can be treated by simple and painless procedures. Just like grey hairs, they are more of a symptom of growing age.


Spider vein treatment offers you the most practical solution to these ugly clusters of red, blue, purple blood vessels on your limbs. There are many treatments that can easily remove them from your hands or legs.


The most common treatment for spider veins removal is known as Sclerotherapy. This is a treatment that involves the injection of a chemical known as a sclerosing solution on the affected areas of your skin. To put it in the simplest way, the solution starts irritating the spider veins which collapse finally eventually making for their disappearance.

This is by and far a permanent solution to get rid of the irritating veins on your legs. Without the veins not only your legs look beautiful, they also start to look healthier.

Laser Therapy

The veins can also be removed through laser therapy. It involves delivering intense light inside the veins. This makes the blood vessels absorb the laser light and as a result veins are shut down. 

Both of the procedures take multiple sessions to complete the treatment. To know, which one of the treatments can yield best result for you, you have to consult a plastic surgeon. He will choose the technique on the basis of such information as your medical history, medications you are currently undergoing, and the elements you are allergic to.

Oral Medications

Apart from Sclerotherapy, there are other simple solutions to spider veins. There are special capsules containing the chemical called VeinEX which offer effective treatment for spider vein removal.

Then there is the medication called "Bust-Builder". They are made of such ingredients that can effectively reduce or even eliminate the spider veins both in men and women ingredients which have shown to decrease and even remove ugly spidere veins in men and women.

However if you are vexed by the appearance of veins on your hands and legs and considering their removal, first make sure that they are spider veins and not Varicose veins. Although certain types of varicose veins can be treated through Sclerotherapy, surgical treatments are the real solution to them. On the other hand, spider veins which are not connected to the larger venous system can be completely removed by Sclerotherapy.

Facts about Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy has been extremely popular in Europe for decades. It arrived in the USA only recently, but within a short time it has become quite an important part in American plastic surgery trends.

The Sclerotherapy procedure is usually performed in  surgeons office, clinic or in rare cases in hospitals.  Generally no anesthesia is required for this treatment as the pain involves only a pinching sensation from the pricking of the injection needle. Though pain may vary with the consistency of the solution used. The whole treatment takes 15 minutes to half an hour to finish. You need to appear for more than one session to get the most satisfactory result.


You will experience marks of deterioration over the treated area. Do not worry, they actually go slightly worse before fading away completely. Cotton balls will be tucked to the areas of injection for a couple of days and you have to wear support hose or compression socks for one or two days longer.

Though rare, complications may arise in forms of allergic irritations, appearance of new veins around treated areas, and blood clots.

The women in their age group of thirty to sixty are the typical candidates for Sclerotherapy, though the younger women, as well as the men can also get benefited from this treatment. Depending on the types of medication, age and other health factors, some people may not qualify for Sclerotherapy.

According to various data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) an estimated cost of Sclerotherapy is between 325 to 350 in the USA.