How a Good Quality GPS can Really Help You When Traveling for Business

By Brown Articles Published 03/10/2011 | Business Travel

A good quality GPS navigation system can really do wonders for your business travel needs and can save you a lot of stress and time loss. Whether you need to get to your clients office for the first time or have to find a new restaurant or again get around a new city where you have business dealings, a GPS can really make the difference.

The following models are suggestions you may like to consider depending on the type of business travel usually undertake.

 If you travel around different cities often, then you should look for a GPS with specific options.

         Versatility. A type that has also a Pedestrian Mode will be useful, whether you are walking or driving.

         Size. Look for a model that is compact in size, one you can easily carry around with you for you may need it any time.

         Text-to-speech options. This option is very useful, especially if you are navigating downtown. This mode gives you more specific city directions with street names and is very handy for precise information.

 If you travel abroad often on business, look for these specific options.

The main problem when traveling to a foreign country may definitely be the language gap. This is why you should choose a GPS navigation system that will provide information you can easily relate to, thus avoiding any frustrating situations.

       Map options. Look for GPS systems that already have international maps inserted in the memory. You may also be able to add additional maps from the suppliers web site. The most comprehensive GPS providers for international travel are Garmin and Tom Tom. They also provide you with a user friendly interactive website that will help you go through the process of using the device and taking full advantage of the many options it provides.

         Handy additional features. Before purchasing your international GPS system, look for additional features such as time zone world clock, translation options and currency converters, these can be really handy when abroad.

If you are on the road for your business all day long then a GPS system will be your business travel companion. So you will really be needing a system that will give you up-to-date traffic alerts as well as door to door directions, saving you a lot of time and money.

When shopping around make sure you find the following indispensable features:

      Touch screen. This is a must when you are driving a lot, you need your hands to be free, so you do not want to have to start looking for push buttons.

         Navigation with both voice and visual guide.

         A screen that has an acceptable size. Look for a screen size of at least 3.5 for it makes map viewing much easier when driving around.

         Bluetooth options. With these you can set up your GPS to allow you a hands-free use of your cellular phone.

There are other useful options you may like to consider such as portable features. These may include:

      Cellular phones are adding GPS functions every day, so if you are looking for a portable device and a cell phone you can search for all-in-one phone and navigation system.

         You can add software to your Smartphone or PDA and turn them into a practical portable navigation device.

There are more compact GPS systems available for business travelers with 3.5 screens, some of which are also equipped with pedestrian modes.

Therefore consider your use carefully before you shop.