How to Brand your Business for Success by Using Promotional Products

By Brown Articles Published 03/10/2011 | Branding

Nowadays online businesses are becoming more and more sought for and an important segment of the retail market. Each year online sales increase by four to five percent, and not only are the customers spending more money, they are also buying different types of goods. From small gadgets to bigger products, including household appliances and luxury products such as designer clothes.

If you are one of these e-commerce businesses out there struggling with the competition, here are a few strategies that will get you up with the bigger e-businesses.

A promotional strategy such as adding gifts along with the product a client has purchased always works well. This present is an unexpected surprise that will please customers and mark them to your advantage. A client who receives a gift is well disposed towards being satisfied with the transaction he or she has made even before having tried out the product or service.

However it is important that the item you have sent as a gift has your brand name clearly visible and remains within your budget. Make sure you use an item that is often used by consumers and one they will appreciate. Adding a useless item will defeat the object.

Although cheaper items such as magnets, pens or other products are a good idea, you can try to add more specific items that are in line with the purchase. A few examples may be; fridge magnets if a customer is purchasing a fridge, an oven glove if they have bought an oven or a passport cover if they have booked a holiday. There are plenty of related items according to the product and you do not need a degree to find a parallel between the product and the promotional gift.

The extra surprise also works for third parties who are not related to the transaction. It is very likely that a customer who has purchased from you and has received a gift will talk about, either at home or at work. This is additional free advertising for you for everyone likes free products however small they may be.

Statistically the biggest businesses are those that use promotional product marketing as a basis to promote and increase their sales. This means that this strategy really works and if it works for them it can work for your business too. The important issue is to choose the right promotional product that will accompany an order.

Remember that your freebies must be related to your brand name or business and must be remembered because they are useful or attractive. Make sure you do not waste time and money sending items that will not interest your customer and therefore be a waste as a marketing strategy and money.