How to Raise Funds on-line for your Events

By Brown Articles Published 03/11/2011 | Fundraising

On-line fundraising is actually rapidly running over the traditional snail mail and has become the favored way of gathering contributions with regard to charitable organizations as well as non-profit organizations.  Due to the evolving generations that favor the internet as a means of communication, donating on-line has become the preferred method of fundraising.

It is therefore important to provide all the possible tools you can offer donors directly on-line to make fundraising for your events easier for you and them.

Find out why on-line fundraising works so well:

Time efficiency - The contributor can learn about the cause and can easily make a donation immediately while the thought is fresh in their mind.

Administrative Effectiveness- The non-profit organization receives the funds immediately along with donor contact information.

Immediate Gratification for the Donor - An acknowledgement is instantly sent to the donor by way of automatic confirmation email.

Analytics The secret to fundraising is to learn as much as you can about your donors and what things interest them. When you collect donations over the Internet you can also find out a lot about their behavior as they go through the website. You can determine what it is that touches them the most and use this information to improve your fundraising campaign.

Here are some tips if you are just getting started with an online fundraising campaign:

Consider All Marketing Means- Reference your online giving option in newsletters, brochures, your website and radio/TV advertisements.

Leverage Social Media - Sites like Facebook are cheap and effective ways to cultivate a word-of-mouth marketing campaign and grow your fan base.

Your Website - Include your mission statement, goals, objectives and what work your organization has accomplished to further your cause. Explain how you will use the funds you raise and include photos and testimonials from your fundraisers, donors and beneficiaries.

Provide lots of ways to donate keeping a focus on promoting the online channel. Collecting as many donations online as possible will automate your workload and minimize volunteer staff time and resources needed. Make your 'Donate Online' button large and above the fold (top half of the page). You have the attention of your audience and they are looking for a way to contribute as quickly as possible - don't make them hunt for a way to give.

Reward Your Donors - Offer a gift or incentive in return for a donation. Consider something as simple as a subscription to your organizations monthly newsletter or an invitation to a gala dinner for those who donate over a certain amount.

Spur on your Fundraisers - Offer prizes to fundraisers who collect the most donations. Many online donation services offer a way to track the total amount each fundraiser has gathered on their personal page from friends and family.

Find a Robust Online Giving Platform - Choose an online donation service that allows your fundraisers to build a personalized fundraising web page. Enabling your fundraisers to build a personalized space online where they can add photos, their own personal story and blog about their experiences raising money for the cause will really get them excited to share with all their friends and family.