What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Engaging an Advertising Agency and Counselor?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 03/17/2011 | Advertising Agencies & Counselors

When you hire advertising counselor or agency there are a few aspects to consider both as advantages and disadvantages. The following are some issues you need to look into closely before choosing.


Expertise: An advertising agency will provide a professional outlook and approach on the advertising market. As a professional yourself even if in another business branch you will be able to appreciate how important it is to specialize in a particular field. It is obvious that a counselor who is an expert in his branch will be better at advertising than you could. The investment you put into the payment of an advertising agency will be paid back by the returns in clients and sales. You need to cover aspect like creative work, online marketing and media coverage, which you could not possibly find time to deal with.

Another advantage to consider is the number of people working on the advertising project. Advertising agencies have teams of professionals working for them. This means that several heads will be working on the advertising propaganda making it more innovative and wide-reaching. A group of advertising counselors that work together will definitely generate new and vital ideas to promote your business.

You will also be saving time and money with an advertising agency. If you are running your own business you cannot take care of the advertising campaign, which however, is essential for your sales and client portfolio. An advertising agency will provide strategic and effective strategies as well as follow the new trends, but this takes time and a lot of research. Keeping up with trend needs qualifications and thats what you should be looking for when hiring an advertising agency.

Where do the disadvantages lie?

The costs: Hiring an advertising agency or counselor is expensive. You can choose from a variety of different services and some of these are not actually applied, so check carefully. An agency spends a lot of investment money on training staff and hiring personnel, which obviously translates into expensive service.

Lack of firsthand knowledge: You are the only one who really knows your business in depth. Although advertising agencies may investigate your business niche and have expertise in where to place the ad along with the tools to implement it, you are the expert in your business. It is important you brief them accurately about your company and objectives so that you think along the same lines.

Guidelines and communication: It is important to make your guidelines clear right from the start and state your main objectives. If there is absence of communication and intelligence then your advertising strategy will not be effective. Plan your budget and timetable before hand to avoid any later misunderstandings.

In conclusion before you invest in any advertising agency or counselor make sure you know what your odds are and how profitable for your business this investment really is.