What Exactly is the Advertising Specialty Business?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 03/17/2011 | Advertising Specialties & Promotional Ads

When people refer to advertising in terms of advertising specialty business this basically refers to promotional products or advertising specialties. In deals with the imprinting of information or brand name on thousands of products or websites that will help promote a business or the type of products or service this business deals in.

The two main associations that support the business of advertising specialty are profit and non-profit associations. The non-profit association is the founder of the advertising specialty industry the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), and the second is a profit-oriented business named Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).

The advertising specialty business has actually been around for a long time now, for the PPAI was established in 1903 and was originally called the Advertising Specialties. It has now evolved tremendously and today is a very active and flourishing part of the advertising market. The fast expansion of the advertising specialty business is also due to a great influence from the international scene and the access to Internet. Those who have been in advertising market usually refer to advertising specialty directly for one can safely affirm that it was the precursor to all advertising trends and is still running strong.

To understand the advertising specialty industry it is important to know how the advertising market works. Basically, the advertising industry is split into two categories, which are the companies that supply products and those who distribute the finished product. When the companies produce a product they imprint it with a promotional message. Although the companies that produce the product are not selling it directly to the public, they are selling it indirectly through the imprinted message. The distributors must be well-acquainted with the product they are distributing to the public and are required to create ideas for the promotion of these products according to the type of messages and budget the producing company wishes to convey through these products. So in fact, the distributors will be those promoting and selling the product directly to the customers.

Therefore the two major roles in the advertising industry are taken by the suppliers, which include the manufacturer or importer and the distributors who sell the product. The ASIs role in both the manufacturing and distribution of a product is to provide the print and electronic resources in order to market the products and hand them over to the sales people or distributors. On the other side, the distributor will use the ASI print and its electronic resources in order to find firms that supply finished products so they can market their services directly to the customers.

The ASI and PPAI have the role of introducing both the manufacturers and distributors by using different tools such as information directories, catalogs, magazines and newsletters. Websites and databases are also used to offer more interactive choice of selling tools, e-commerce and Internet marketing.

Advertising specialties can be a very useful way to market your product as can promotional freebies given to attract customers.