What are the Advantages of Advertising With Billboards

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 03/17/2011 | Billboard Advertising

Nowadays although the Internet advertising possibilities are numerous billboards are still very popular as a strategic marketing tool. Many large and small businesses opt for this direct means of advertising their products or services and they have been around for decades and are still going strong.

Not only are they popular with private businesses they are also greatly used by politicians, TV stations, telecommunication companies and other large organizations as an effective advertising campaign.

The fact that important organizations and other media types are actually using billboards for advertising their services goes to show that this advertising strategy is effective. There are in fact many advantages when advertising with billboards and if you understand how billboards work you will fully appreciated these advantages.

Billboards Attract the Publics Attention

Billboards are a great means by which to capture peoples attention. You can hardly fail to notice a billboard which is strategically placed in a location where hundreds of people pass each day. Everyone can see them, and the better you place them the more effective your advertising campaign will be. If your billboard is well designed and has a catchy message and well designed background then it will be a hit; that will of course depend on the creativity of the company you hired to make the billboard.

Billboards are Relatively Inexpensive

Most people have a vague idea that billboards are expensive to make and install when in fact they are not, if you consider the return in customers and sales. The initial costs will be incumbent and rotate around 1000 per month, but once you have had your billboard made it will last you for over a year and you can always negotiate on the monthly rental fee you have to pay the outhouse advertising agency for the space you put your billboard on.

So if you consider all the issues carefully you will find that billboards are not expensive at all. When you compare other sources of advertising such as newspaper ads you will find that the costs are similar but that classified ads only appear for two weeks and do not offer much returns in terms of potential customers, while billboards have a definite impact on people.

Billboards are there at all Hours

People can see your billboard 24 hours a day. Someone passing by at midnight or four 0clock in the morning will be able to see your billboard, while TV ads are only visible for a few minutes and newspapers will only offer a limited space for your ad Billboards are always there and have a constant impact on people, whatever the time is they are passing by your advertisement. Just think of a billboard as a TV advert that passes on television all day long. A cleverly crafted billboard with a catchy promotional message will have an immediate and lasting effect on passer bys.